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Are you sleeping a lot and still feeling sleepy during the day? Don’t take this too lightly as this could be a sign of a sleeping disorder which could cause cardiac problems.

A group of 70,000 people, evaluated by The Sleep Heart Healthy Study over 10 years revealed that the incidence of heart attacks was higher in people who slept for less than six hours. People who slept nine or more hours also had increased risk for heart attacks. Although it is unclear why, the study clearly suggested an association between sleep and heart problems.

Apart from cardiac problems, lack of sleep has also been associated with hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, obesity and stress all of which increase risk for heart disease. Research has confirmed a strong link between Sleep Apnea and Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and Heart Disease. Problems like Obesity and Hypertension are significantly under-diagnosed, both of which are also common symptoms of Sleep Apnea.

In more than 50-60% of patients with Sleep Apnea, hypertension is better controlled once Sleep Apnea is treated. Sleep Apnea can also lead to an increased risk of heart attacks and heart failure and it untreated can increase the risks by three times.