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Month: March 2015


Mobile Devices have brought about radical changes in a very short time. Businesses have embraced this digital connected era that has reshaped age-old practices across all industry sectors. Healthcare is no exception to this change. It is in fact one of the industries where not only the providers but the receivers of these digital services will largely benefit from this technology.

Telemedicine has made an entrance into healthcare at a time when it is most necessary. The ever increasing demand for better management, patient care and services in healthcare can be easily met with the help of Telemedicine. It is a great way to seamlessly manage Healthcare processes such as patient monitoring, recording data, accessing patient history, managing appointments among many others.

Mobility of devices has made it easier for patients to get in touch with their healthcare providers from anywhere. Despite the fact that youngsters are the majority who use mobile services today, the ease of access that this technology brings to healthcare will see more traction in the older generations who will widely benefit from it. According to a Forbes article, Fleshman noted a prediction that the “60-plus crowd” will be the fastest growing population for connected health. These are individuals who are not technology-averse [and] have the greatest mobility challenge in terms of getting to a doctor.”

The current state of adoption and financial benefits of Telemedicine were reported in a recent survey by Software Advice (Leventhal, 2015) which stated that 75 percent of patients not currently using telehealth visits would be interested in virtual visits for minor health conditions. A similar percentage said they would use a virtual visit in favor of an ER visit for a minor ailment. The report also notes that according to a study by the National Institutes of Health in 2013, “the average ER visit costs $2,168 – vastly more than the average telemedical visit, at $40 to $50.” The cost difference patients and easy access to doctors will be factors that will fuel the revolution of Telemedicine in Healthcare in the coming years.


Irregular sleep patterns are common as you grow older but, they can also be triggered due to medical and psychiatric illness, especially in conditions that cause pain or depression. A common misconception we hear a lot today is that you need lesser sleep as you grow older, when in fact you need the same amount of sleep that you got when you were younger.

You may not be able to sleep for 8 hours at a stretch as your sleep is easily interrupted by the usual disturbance that did not affect you before. This keeps your body from reaching deeper stages of sleep. Studies show that people over the age of 60 awaken close to 150 times a night when compared younger people waking up about 5 times a night. Although these interruption go unnoticed at the time they are a sign of inadequate sleep.

Insomnia is one of the most common complaints in people over the age of 65. Asthma, heart disease and arthritis are well known conditions along with pain, fever, coughing and itching to contribute to Insomnia. To make things worse drugs used to treat these conditions also disrupt sleep. Practicing relaxation techniques and keeping a close watch on your sleep can help in
such cases.

Many people get used going to bed early and rising early but some find it hard as they are ready to sleep earlier than desired. This “Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome (ASPS) can be quite disruptive to your social life as you wake up too early and are in bed before others. Exposure to outdoor light during late afternoons and early evenings can help as bright light is known to have an effect on the timing of the sleep/wake cycle and delays the feeling of sleepiness in the evenings and postpones morning awakenings.


We understand that Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) remain key business drivers for Healthcare providers. To this end, Techindia offers a comprehensive RCM outsourcing solution for IDTF’s, Hospitals and Physician groups that helps increase efficiency, betters patient-centric practices and drives profitability.

Whether your business needs a short-term customized RCM project or a long-term revenue cycle outsourcing, our RCM solutions offer credible results that are effectively able to merge people, processes, and technology. Our solutions are time-tested, robust and mature; we have several global customers who can testify our quality of service and delivery capability.

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