A Quick Guide and Overview of Techindia Services

A Quick Guide and Overview of Techindia Services

Experience True and Complete Healthcare Support with TechIndia’s Cardiac and Sleep Monitoring Services

We at Techindia are constantly in the pursuit of developing virtual care services that increase comfort and convenience for doctors and patients that allow for better care at lower costs with stress-free schedules that relieve medical teams and staff of their heavy workloads. Various existing and upcoming implantable devices, deeper diagnostic tools, and E-ICU monitoring technology make remote monitoring a highly effective and sought-after solution in the present healthcare scenario.

Committed to spearheading technological breakthroughs in cardiac monitoring, we leverage innovative technology in the detection of arrhythmias and other chronic cardiovascular conditions with a team of highly trained and qualified technicians to accurately analyse and interpret cardiac diagnostic data.

Sleep scoring and interpretation services, another niche segment we cater to, are performed by Registered Polysomnographic technicians. We provide reporting and analysis services for a host of diagnostic programs such as CPAP, PSG and MSLTs.

We assist help with complete process support in Clinical trials and research projects with solutions to accelerate efforts with services in reporting, observation, data collection at every level of the research study.

As a stalwart pioneer in implant monitoring and cardiac interpretation, we stay committed to spearheading technological breakthroughs in cardiac monitoring. At the heart of it all is nothing less than our consistent drive to aid healthcare providers in improving patient care and opening new routes via solutions that unfold these opportunities for hospitals, clinics, and sleep labs around the world. The infographic below gives a complete outline of our services and the sheer difference we make in cardiac monitoring and its other auxiliary fields.


Techindia, a leading provider of “Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring and Diagnostic Reporting” for global cardiac patients.

Our Services

  • Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation
  • Cardiac Implant Monitoring
  • E-ICU Monitoring
  • Sleep Study Reporting
  • Clinical Trial and Research

Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation

  • World’s No.1 cardiac interpretation and reporting services company with deep domain expertise and proven capabilities.

Deeper Diagnostic

  • Comprehensive ECG holter, MCT and Cardiac events diagnostics
  • Clinically actionable reports of the highest quality
  • Near real-time reports 24/7/365 days

Cardiac Implant Monitoring

  • Techindia’s 15 years of clinically actionable remote monitoring experience has proved to increase safety, reduce hospital admissions and save lives.

Types of Implantable Device

  • Implantable loop recorder monitoring
  • Pacemaker Monitoring
  • ICD Monitoring
  • Heart failure monitoring

E-ICU Monitoring

  • eICU monitoring services furnished by Techindia are highly innovative and successful remote care strategy to help hospitals effectively

Key Benefits

  • Accurately monitor and augment care delivery
  • Superior-quality medical assistance by trained/specialist critical care team
  • 24/7/365 near real-time access to our intensivists

Sleep Study Reporting

  • Techindia’s leading sleep study scoring services help increase sleep lab production and efficiency in Hospitals, Sleep Labs etc.

What does Techindia do for you?

  • Overnight Monitoring of a Patient
  • Paediatric Sleep Study Scoring
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Tests

Clinical Trial and Research

  • Techindia offers Clinical Trial and Data Reporting Services to assist research and innovation practices for better efficiency and faster turnarounds.

Techindia Offers

  • Retrospective Analysis
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Board-certified physician consultation

Get ready to Improve your Patient Care and Increase the Revenue for your hospitals.

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