How Wearable Technology is Transforming Healthcare?

How Wearable Technology is Transforming Healthcare?

Wearable technology is proving to be one of the biggest drivers in enhancing clinic/patient engagement processes and improving the clinical outcomes of persons afflicted with chronic illnesses. The rise of the IOT has been particularly significant in driving the development of connected and wearable devices that have made it possible to leverage the power of technology in digital health. Wearable tech makes it possible to integrate the management of clinical information management systems, allow remote patient monitoring, and improve access to critical data.

Through wearable tech, it is now possible to monitor and capture patient vital signs remotely enhancing the effectiveness of care delivery to patients, as they do not necessarily have to come in for checkups. Besides, wearable devices make it possible for the doctor to detect asymptomatic disease events early thus avoiding catastrophic outcomes. Through devices such as mobile apps, patients can send their clinical data wireless to their physicians making early detection and diagnosis possible at lower costs that conventional lab tests. Wearable tech makes remote management of chronic diseases including analysis of the effectiveness of treatments possible. Bioelectronics worn by the patient makes it possible for the doctor to collect data and customize, maintain, and configure treatments in ambulatory and ongoing care settings. Lastly, physicians now have access to more data than ever before through integrated clinical information portals that present patient data in one place. Through access to cloud systems, the costs of running systems are reduced through efficient streamlining of data and care settings.

The enhanced access to data and information through wearable technology not only enhances the quality of healthcare outcomes for patients but also, reduces the costs in time and money spent on health care.

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