Top 10 Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring Services and Its Uses

Top 10 Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring Services and Its Uses

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a healthcare delivery method that uses technology to monitor patient health outside of a traditional clinical setting.

It refers to the specific technology used to electronically transmit information between patients and physicians, and it is just one delivery system within the broader telemedicine industry.

Top Benefits and uses:

Improved productivity:

  • RPM increases the efficiency of healthcare workflows. 
  • It helps improve performance and increase patient satisfaction.

Chronic Care Improvements:

  • Those who suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes or elevated blood pressure.
  • It can be cared for with greater ease thanks to remote patient monitoring.

Increased Engagement:

  • An engaged patient is a healthier patient. 
  • Under traditional models of care, it is far too easy for patients to stray from their treatment plans or lose track of their goals.

Greater Efficiency:

  • Healthcare providers must do the best they can to appropriately allocate their time and resources.
  • By monitoring eligible patients remotely, they can provide more frequent care and guidance without necessarily setting up an in-person appointment.

Better Personalization:

  • It may sound counter-intuitive, but being able to monitor patients from a distance can lead to more personalized care.

Improved Patient Outcomes:

  • Use of remote patient monitoring solutions results in patients experiencing a lower risk of rehospitalization.
  • And mortality across various medical use cases, including implanted cardiac defibrillators.

Faster Access to Better Patient Data:

  • Connected health devices used in remote patient monitoring give healthcare providers faster access to accurate patient data. 
  • Devices include implantable devices, biometric sensors, pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, and more.

Increased Patient Knowledge

  • Every interaction across the patient care journey is an opportunity for education. 
  • Remote patient monitoring is a data-driven way to deliver educational content and videos in an easy to engage format.

Attract new patients can be  Helpful for new patient enrollments

Even when the global health crisis is over, RPM will be especially helpful for patients who live in remote areas without easy access to the doctor for frequent checkups.

Improved Quality of Care:

  • RPM empowers healthcare providers with vital signs and other data that has been collected in the patient’s normal environment.
  • For example, medication adherence, weight management, blood pressure control, and physical activity are all patient driven behaviors.
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