What Are the Top 10 Things You Know About Sleep Study Reporting Services

What Are the Top 10 Things You Know About Sleep Study Reporting Services

Sleep studies have undoubtedly evolved since their inception as proven by the technology being used by Sleep Study Reporting Services. With their help, people are afforded a way out of common sleep issues like narcolepsy, parasomnia, insomnia, and sleep apnea. These services shouldn’t be confused with actual clinics and sleep labs, though, as they’re only responsible for scoring the test results.

They’re the ones that provide sleep labs, hospitals, and universities with a way to conduct their sleep studies in a more sophisticated and efficient manner. There’s no better way to get acquainted with how they work than by reading the top 10 must-know facts about these services.

They play a pivotal role in bridging gaps and workforce shortages in sleep studies worldwide.

In America alone, there are an estimated 70 million people suffering from chronic sleep disorders. This has led to an uptick in demand for sleep studies in recent years. With clinics and hospitals undermanned and their staff overworked, it’s no surprise that many are outsourcing their scoring and interpretations to the said services. 

These services already have the necessary tools and their own team of sleep-scoring technicians to conduct the scoring and subsequent reporting. The best proof of their value lies in the number of hospitals, sleep labs, and sleep centers that can attest to the assistance they can provide during peak volume periods. 

They help bring down operational costs.

Almost any kind of primary health-related service will require clinics and hospitals to invest in manpower, architecture (digital and physical), and equipment, and sleep scoring and studies are no different. Since sleep interpretation services mostly function as outsourcing companies for sleep labs to completely rely upon, you can expect the same ready benefit of lowered costs from them.

Most make good use of technology to ensure efficiency and better scoring.

A Sleep Study Interpretation Service will typically seek to stand out the most by not only guaranteeing better cost savings but scoring and diagnostics as well. In Techindia, for example, we rely on myriad software tools like Sandman Elite, Compumedica, Alice 5, and Somnologica, to cite a few, to ensure more accurate and reliable reports. 

Efficiency is assured by the fact that the reports can be completely transmitted digitally. 

Most can conduct different kinds of full-fledged sleep studies.

Who says these services are limited to just interpretations and scoring? At best, since they already have a dedicated team of sleep specialists, they’ll be able to conduct different kinds of sleep studies as well. These include home and ambulatory sleep studies, full and split-night polysomnography, multiple sleep latency tests, maintenance of wakefulness tests, and PSG with EEGs – all of which can help patients having sleep issues.

Outsourcing is usually done on a per scored study basis. 

This only means their services are rendered solely on-demand, thereby, helping sleep labs and universities cut costs while ensuring that their patients’ sleep studies won’t be interrupted. Should emergency cases happen when scoring is needed as soon as possible, this will only ensure timely turnaround of sleep study reports.

Most settle only for manual scoring.

At least, we can say as much in how we do things in Techindia. While we believe in the accuracy studies conducted on automated polysomnography, there’s no beating epoch-by-epoch manual scoring, especially if it’s done by expert sleep technologists. 

Now, you may ask, “Doesn’t this lead to inefficiency?” Not really since our scoring team is tasked solely to interpret and nothing else, while we have another team responsible for performing the slew of sleep studies we offer. 

Plenty of services also leave no stone unturned when ensuring adherence to laws and regulations.

You’ll find plenty of sleep study reporting services that assure companies that they’re HIPAA-certified, for instance, because most of them deal with handling patients’ data, often digitally. At Techindia, we even have our own audit team responsible for ensuring that our services remain HIPAA all throughout the year. 

Besides certified techs, we also maintain a QA department tasked to maintain accuracy standards and continuous education of our staff. 

Access to industry experts paves the way to a healthy exchange of advice and knowledge

You’ll essentially be working with highly experienced sleep technologists, after all. This only makes second opinions easier to acquire, should the patient ask them or should you need different insights in sleep scoring. It won’t even be a surprise if these services are all too willing to reveal helpful tips to labs and centers to help streamline their process and improve their overall service. 

The rise in home sleep testing is partly responsible for the high demand for reporting services. 

And by the looks of things, this trend is bound to happen for a long time, given its convenience and the ballooning number of people with sleep disorders worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic only arguably accelerated its adoption, and experts are asserting that the demand won’t wane even after it has subsided. 

We’ve seen this trend happen in other areas that are actively utilizing telemedicine. These services address lingering issues like interruptions in sleep monitoring, mailing reports, and figuring out when to schedule studies, especially during peak periods.


We have to look at the way Sleep Scoring Services can pretty much take less the load on labs and hospitals to see their terrific value to the sleep industry as a whole. We don’t need to look further than the feedback from clinics and sleep labs to see this. While sleep scoring outsourcing is still a relatively novel practice, it’s slowly gaining traction for these very reasons. 


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