Pacemaker Monitoring

Techindia provides Remote ICD/IPG and TTM monitoring for all makes and models of implanted devices. Our process is designed to efficiently organizes device data and produces reports using the third party software/system.

The data is analyzed, reviewed, and culminated it into a concise report that is forwarded to the patient’s cardiologist. We also offers transtelephonic monitoring services for various makes and models of implanted devices.

12 Lead / 3 Lead Paper based and Digital ECG Analysis and Interpretation

Our monitoring center offer digital and paper based, 12- and 3-lead ECG interpretation & reporting service.

Our ECG interpretation service for both 12-lead and 3-lead ECGs plays a vital role in helping to reduce the number of avoidable admissions to secondary care. Techindia Arrhythmia monitoring services provide PCTs and GPs with 24-hour expert diagnostic support for 12-lead ECGs and Arrhythmia Monitoring from a team of expert cardiac technicians, enabling patients to receive quick convenient care, closer to home. Our service is cardiologist-led, has high standards of clinical governance and is a proven cost-effective measure, delivering real benefits to trusts and patients where implemented.


We have a cost effective procedure for converting traditional paper ECGs into a regulatory-compliant XML/HL-7 digital format. We then perform all data management, analysis and reporting in digital form. Digitalization also facilitates the analysis or reanalysis of ECG data retrospectively.


  • Comprehensive suite of diagnostic procedures intended to provide the most complete ECG report possible
  • Emergency reports are provided within thirty minutes to locations diametrically across the globe.
  • Extensive customization designed to meet your specific practice Protocols, Procedure, and Reporting formats.
  • Reports are stored and delivered as Word (or) PDF files
  • Reports Delivered to you through various Secure Data Exchange and(or) directly stored in to your EMR system.
  • Provision to view the reports online 24/7 through Tablets & Mobile devices.
  • Consistent reporting with internal peer review process

Authorized caregivers can securely view patient data at anytime, from anywhere in the world to determine treatment approaches.

If you are interested in learning how Techindia Diagnostics can help you improve efficiencies at your office while increasing the quality of your reporting function to your patients, call our Toll free number +1-(888)-369-1395 or email for more information on our service offerings.