The Academy

An intrinsic part of Techindia forging world-class technicians and experts

Personality development

Personalised mentoring

World-class curriculum

Outcome based training

We are in the business of administering care in an acute and privacy-oriented field. Trust and integrity are integral to our work ethic and this mindful attitude is carried on by the talent trained at The Academy.

The Academy identifies adroit individuals at the nascent stages from across the country to mould them into world-class technicians working towards the sole purpose of empowering businesses with our revolutionary monitoring solutions.

We are always in the earnest pursuit of producing exceptional talent at Techindia as our talent is the most valuable asset and gives us the biggest competitive advantage in the market. We offer a holistic curriculum with a rigorous handpicking phase for the right talent to add to our growing team of highly competent clinical technicians. The curriculum trains candidates to detect any anomalies in a split-second and transfer the data to its respective destination. At the cessation of the three-month course, selected candidates emerge ready to tackle real-world healthcare monitoring challenges filled with a sense of making a tangible difference to lives across the globe.

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