A exhaustive spotlight on Techindia's surge and evolution over the years and our vision for the futurity.

Overdelivering is
our benchmark 

There is no short cuts (or) compromise in maintaining our delivery standards. Exceeding the expectations is our gold standard unlike other players in the market.

We demonstrate profitability, stay grounded and flexible to do what needs to be done for your ROI.

Only the best in your corner

We give our employees the tools and space to grow. It’s why we have some of the best people in the biz and a 95% employee retention rate.

Every dedicated tech on your account is at the top of their performance for their reporting/analysis and levelling up every day.

Hit the ground running

We are an extension of your team, not just an outsourcing partner.

Our process will seamlessly integrate with other arms of your business, driving profound impact on your bottom line savings. You get short-term quick wins and long-term results that don’t take forever to realize.

Discover how we get
brag-worthy  results

You’re partnering with the most experienced team in this cardiac monitoring space, not a team of “Yes Men”.

We understand the metrics, trends, and challenges of your industry. If something isn’t making sense, we’ll push back. And the results will make you glad we did.

Established in 2001, Techindia dispenses world-class enterprise healthcare management solutions that bridge the gap between healthcare and information technology to work more effectively and collaboratively to deliver improved health.

Who We are

TechIndia imparts exceptional remote healthcare diagnostics and patient monitoring solutions with a proven track record of success rates in highly regulated industries.

Our elucidations help physicians, IDTF’s and healthcare systems from the private, public, government and non-profit sectors simplify business processes. We provide assistance in enacting strategies for health management, accountable care, and value-based initiatives. Our approach and quality of services help improve customer relationship and satisfaction while adhering to regulatory compliance.

Techindia combines the best technical minds, deep healthcare knowledge and smart technology to create tangible, positive impact on cash-flows. Our scalable vertically aligned business model and process framework for the healthcare monitoring, diagnostic and interpretation domain helps businesses actualize sustainable value through unrivalled profitability, user satisfaction, operational excellence, improved patient care and business agility.

Our history

Techindia was established in 2001 to provide Enterprise ERP and work flow management software development and design services for Hospital and Sleep Lab clinics in NJ-USA. Over time, the company solidified a reputation for automation in scoring and interpretation of clinical reports for a chain of sleep labs and hospitals. TechIndia was soon sought out to be a trusted partner for business and technology challenges, including business continuity, remote workforces, virtual client engagement and more for sleep labs in East coast and Australia.

Today we work with all the largest IDTF’s, Hospitals and Group Practices for near real-time Cardiac Monitoring of chronic patients all across the Globe. Currently, we are recognised as one of the leading on-shore and off-shore service providers in the country.

Techindia Alliance is your ideal global partner

It’s been quite a journey thus far. Our experience is built upon a 15+ year heritage as a leading provider of accurate cardiac reporting solutions. It’s always a work in progress, with millions of patients reports analysed across the globe every year using varieties of software and data acquired using varieties of medical-grade bio-sensors and wearables. As the burgeoning regulatory environment continues to challenge this health care space globally, our team and expertise can become invaluable resources to you. This real-world evidence gives us a thorough understanding needed to deliver solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the market and our customers.

The way we work

We are passionate about understanding our clients’ needs, businesses, and markets. We harness leading-edge technologies to improve efficiency, security, and sustainability. We utilise our unique offering of clinical, regulatory, and quality systems expertise combined with our complete in-house software development capabilities to support our clients along the entire transition journey without any delivery disruption.

Most of all, our collaborative approach is key to our success.
We built our reputation by helping our clients build theirs.

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