e-ICU is a novel offering from Techindia; a dedicated remote ICU monitoring service that is both innovative and effective for today’s hospitals that are grappling with challenges of optimizing their ICU resources. Our offering helps in remotely monitoring critically ill in-patients and assists doctors to proactively and effortlessly plan their care programs. Our mission is to optimize clinical expertise and facilitate 24/7/365 care by ICU intensivists.

While nothing can replace a patient’s own doctor, the thought inside a patient’s mind that he/ she is monitored by his/ her physician or doctor goes a long way in reinforcing patient confidence and recuperation. In addition, Techindia’s e-ICU monitoring services allow providers to multiply their ICU resources within the hospitals and also in remote locations seamlessly.


e-ICU monitoring services, offered by Techindia, is an innovative, highly successful remote-care strategy to help hospitals care for critically ill inpatients allowing for more proactive plans of care. Our mission of the e-ICU program is to optimize clinical expertise and facilitate 24/7/365 care by ICU intensivists.

While nothing can replace your own doctor, you'll feel safe knowing your care in Techindia intensive care unit is monitored around the clock - even when your physician can't be there. Techindia eICU monitoring services allows some rural & semi urban patients to be cared for at their local hospitals instead of being transferred to a larger hospital. This not only benefits anyone to stay closer to their home and loved ones, but also reduces health care costs.


  • Availability of Sufficient trained intensivists & Nursing staff
  • Requirement of round-the-clock scope monitoring
  • Concrete statistics/data to identify critical care factors such as Medical errors, length of stay etc.,
  • Use of innovation & accessible learning


Members of the eICU monitoring services and care team - including experienced critical care physicians (intensivists), critical care nurses, and data assistants - monitor all adult ICU patients via a remote centralised site. Use early warning software triggers and advanced Two-way cameras, video monitors, smart alarms connected by high speed redundant data lines. If a patient's condition worsens or changes unexpectedly, the intensivist knows it immediately and views the patient via remote video and quickly collaborate with the local care team.

  • Support to bring better outcomes, reduced costs and shorter lengths of stay
  • Great worth to clinics giving auxiliary level and tertiary level mind in Urban, Semi Urban and Rural zones
  • Accurately monitor and augment care delivery to ICU patients from a remote location by a board-certified physicians and(or) board-eligible intensivists.
  • High quality medical assistance by trained/specialist critical care team monitoring patients 24/7


Our aim is to support you in designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change. We will help you identify and realize the following goals and more:

  • Increasing ICU couches to 10-15% of aggregate healing facility cots
  • Consultation with ICU staff to determine the best treatment plan, including administration of tPA if indicated
  • Reduce the time between problem identification and intervention
  • Defining national/state standards for e-ICUs
  • Deploying world class Protocols and Best Practices in e-ICU
  • Early and suitable out of clinic consideration to be given by Emergency Medical Systems (EMS)
  • Decreased length of stay in your ED
  • Consultation with participating hospital as desired through remainder of patient's recovery, including bedside follow-up and additional appointments

Benefits to healthcare providers:

  • 24/7/365 real-time access to our intensivists.
  • Store-and-forward access to consults

Our business principles

We follow a set of rules, regulations and principles which help us to work effectively and seamlessly, providing patients and clients with continuous service and support so that they can come back to us again. We help you in designing managing and implementing all kinds of beneficial charges. If required we also help you and guide you through each and every process.

  • We help you in achieving accurate results
  • We believe that providing the best quality medical services at an affordable price would help patients
  • We try and implement new health care and growth policies
  • We consist of a team of well trained and qualified staff who are there at your assistance in a round the clock basis.
  • We follow all global procedures, with controls.
  • We also have tie ups with the best medical institutions of the world which follow the same standards as ours.

TechIndia Key Differentiators:

We at TechIndia follow the highest and best standards of quality guidelines. We leverage the latest in state-of-the-art technology to extend instantaneous clinical care and expertise to any remote site.

  • We provide tailor-made solutions to fit needs of each and every ICU’s.
  • We follow a certain quality of business value that surpasses all the rest and we are still striving hard in meeting the business needs of clients as well as patients.
  • Monthly performance assessments
  • Quarterly benchmarking
  • Annual phase reviews