We understand that Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) remain key business drivers for Healthcare providers. To this end, Techindia offers a comprehensive RCM outsourcing solution for IDTF’s, Hospitals and Physician groups that helps increase efficiency, betters patient-centric practices and drives profitability.

Whether your business needs a short-term customized RCM project or a long-term revenue cycle outsourcing, our RCM solutions offer credible results that are effectively able to merge people, processes, and technology. Our solutions are time-tested, robust and mature; we have several global customers who can testify our quality of service and delivery capability.


For providers of medical and healthcare facilities, Revenue Cycle Management services (RCM), Medical Billing continues to be an important driver for growth, especially in healthcare outsourcing partnerships. In this attempt, Techindia is engaged in giving its customers an accurate and exclusive business model that makes their business work in a productive manner. Techindia offers Medical Billing solutions to IDTF's, Hospitals and Physicians groups to help them shape and organize their business. The solutions are meant to create efficient, cost effective patient-centered practices that allow businesses to work towards being more productive. Our Healthcare Billing solutions help you to benefit from a healthy, profitable and thriving medical practice.

With end-to-end RCM solutions, the team at Techindia offers world-class services to clients. Advantages with Techindia RCM services:

Advantages with Techindia RCM services:

  • Better productivity
  • Enhanced quality
  • Improved performance
  • Better security
  • Transparency of process

Timely Insurance billing of all accounts is the gateway to the most valuable Revenue Cycle Management. Our Medical billing department works with one goal in mind--submission of all bills with the correct information, at the right time.

Whether you need a short-term customized project or long-term revenue cycle outsourcing, our revenue cycle solutions offer credible results that are effectively able to merge people, processes, and technology.

In case you are in need of healthcare transformation, Techindia is your stop. Our staff includes trained professionals, who have rare global reach with a reputation for quality, integrity and consistency. With passing years, our business model along with client base has evolved greatly.

To give you the best available solutions, our team has sharpened their technical skills and worked on them to perfect their global approach to transactions and risk.


There is an unmatched transformation undergoing healthcare systems. Although healthcare is mainly structured within national geographies, the issues it has are truly global. Most of the healthcare organizations have business models, which are aligned with the legacy system's beliefs. They have now come to terms with the fact that the consequences of their value proposition and its impact on the health and economic vitality of their institution and the individuals, communities and nations they serve must be reconsidered. Therefore, it is important for all healthcare leaders to get apt insight and guidance from an adviser they can trust. And this is where Techindia comes in. Our firm has offered genuine solutions to various Healthcare organizations, satisfying them with apt results they look for.


Techindia has been offering services to healthcare leaders for over 5 years, helping them to optimize clinical productivity and financial performance, eventually leading to improved quality, safety, and patient outcomes. Our team focuses on to help organizations develop operational performance so that they deliver the highest level of patient care. Revenue Cycle Management solutions are seen as a business as well as a technology challenge. To meet those challenges, Techindia offers widespread Revenue Cycle consulting services available in the healthcare industry.


Payers and administrators in the healthcare industry are met with an unmatched reform environment, which requires considerable amount of cost cutting at all levels of the business. For all payers and providers out there, the state of the industry offers a chance to harness new technologies and collaboration, so the outcome offers most affordable, patient-centric and preventive care for tomorrow.


Healthcare industry faces a lot of challenges, which includes various points. One such challenge is lack of transparent claims adjudication documentation that payers provide. The fact changing rules in payer's adjudication related to codes and plans is another. Another challenge sets in the plan and coverage changes of the beneficiary, based on the change of job and location. Changing national and state regulations around payment for procedures is another challenge that today's healthcare industry faces.


There's continuous pressure on Hospitals and healthcare systems to capture and report Patients financial information in a more timely and accurate manner, so that they can give executive leadership the information required to make real-time strategy and operational decisions. This is followed by the ongoing cost increases and margin pressures as both payments and volume come under fire.

  • In 2012, the market basket increase for inpatient hospital services is speculated to be 2.8%. The Medicare inpatient payment rate is expected to be slashed by 0.5%, which will further widen the gap between costs and payment rates. Hence, the rate increase paid by Medicare is expected to be 3.3 percentage points below the price growth of the inputs, which is required by hospitals to offer services.
  • By 2013, automatic cutsare likely to be most among hospitals, which are the largest recipients of Medicare payments. As per federal statistics, hospitals account for nearly 50 percent of program spending.
  • In order to cope with debts, hospitals might face $9 billion in cuts to Medicare spending for medical education and another $20 billion in reduced federal support.
  • There might be a rise in hospital bad debt or interest expense.
  • Capital expenditures of hospitals could lessen.
  • Declines in private pay or rises in Medicaid/uninsured patients for hospitals.
  • Around 50 percent of hospitals are operating in the red.
  • As per AMA estimates, physicians spend up to 14% of their income dealing with health insurer requirements.
  • Growing complexity among insurance providers.
  • Changing government regulations (Meaningful Use, 5010, ICD-10).
  • Furthermore, unpredictable billing rules have created significant barriers for physicians to receive full compensation on an ongoing basis.

TechIndia Key Differentiators:

  • Customizable solutions designed to fit the specific needs of small- to mid-sized businesses
  • TechIndia's Hub & Spokes delivery model offers innovative options to combine process, people, and technology in outsourced delivery models that create real business value.
  • Our accuracy rates, as measured by our clients through extensive audit programs, are unmatched in the industry. We do all of this while still meeting our customer specific turn-around-times (TATs).
  • Ask us about our extensive HIPAA plan, which has been approved by a US Fortune 100 company and gives all of Techindia's clients a complete sense of security about our security.