• Superior quality, Manual scoring by RPSGT techs, per AASM standards
  • Reliable, accurate, customized, high standard detail reports
  • Interpretations by Board certified sleep physicians
  • Sleep Disorder Laboratory & Home Sleep Studies
  • Analyze PSG, MSLT/MWT, HST (home sleep testing), Split & PAP titration studies
  • Un-paralleled TAT: 24/7/365 delivery model; meeting HIPAA & HL7 guidelines


Techindia's Sleep Disorder Diagnostics services offers a complete range of accurate and reliable manual sleep scoring services & interpretation solution to sleep labs in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Japan & India.

Our goal at Techindia is to provide Sleep labs and physicians with the most comprehensive sleep scoring services to increase their production efficiency and stem top line profits. Our competitive outsourced pricing model enables businesses to save upto 50% (or) even more. All the studies are manually scored, meticulously analyzed and reported only by a board certified team of experienced polysomnographic technologists (RPSGTs) with a quick turnaround time of 24 Hrs. Today, Techindia is the scoring service by choice for many of the global sleep labs, Hospitals and medical facilities .

Techindia's central reporting center offers complete range of accurate sleep scoring services to support your sleep disorder diagnostic program. When you need accurate scoring by registered technologists with years of experience, you need Techindia. We understand and are aware that no two labs who use the same software have uniform and (or) identical Scoring protocols and (or) standards. Techindia's competitive outsourced pricing enables you to save 50% (or) even more, depending on the volume of studies you perform in a particular month. We manage all data processing & delivery through our offshore, near shore & Onsite model.

Client Challenges

  • Complying with the regulations instituted by the government
  • Increasing costs of healthcare delivery
  • Increased demand for personalized products and services
  • To deliver the highest possible quality of care at the lowest possible cost
  • To manage risk & regulation and leverage talent
  • Improve their top line as well as achieve bottom line savings
  • To remain competitive in the global market
  • The silos between traditional health sectors are breaking down


Techindia offers the following array of Sleep scoring services and reporting solutions designed to optimize patient care, increase patient compliance and decrease the time required to diagnose an Apnea.

Some of our focus areas include the following:

  • Full- and split-night polysomnograpms (PSGs);
  • Continuous & Bilevel positive airway pressure titrations (CPAP) and (bi-level);;
  • Overnight monitoring of Sleep patient..
  • Pediatric Sleep study scoring
  • Maintenance of wakefulness tests (MWTs)
  • Multiple sleep latency tests (MSLTs); and
  • Ambulatory (or) Home Sleep study
  • Extended EEGs


  • Comprehensive suite of diagnostic procedures intended to provide the most complete Sleep study report possible
  • In-house Quality assurance department & Education academy for sleep diagnostics
  • Emergency reports are provided within two hours to locations diametrically across the globe.
  • Extensive customization designed to meet your specific practice Protocols, Procedure, and Reporting formats.
  • Reports are stored and delivered as Word (or) PDF files.
  • Reports Delivered to you through various Secure Data Exchange and(or) directly stored in to your EMR system.
  • Provision to view the reports online 24/7 through Tablets & Mobile devices.
  • Consistent reporting with internal peer review process.
  • The symptomatology of sleep disorders and differential diagnoses treatment plans for patients with sleep disorders is recommended by the sleep physician.


Our aim is to support you in designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change. We will help you identify and realize the following goals and more:

  • Achieve greater efficiency and more sustainable results
  • Reducing and managing the costs of healthcare administration - a major driver of increased healthcare costs
  • Implement growth strategies
  • Reduction in year-on-year operational costs
  • Global process standard and practices
  • Quality staff with Industry leading training
  • Comprehensive procedures, controls and operations calendar
  • Service continuity without disrupting your business
  • Collaborative Business Experience


  • We Follow Rechtschaffen & Kales (R&K) standards / criteria.
  • Adopt American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) guidelines.
  • All studies are scored manually by registered technicians with a minimum of five years of scoring experience.
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance & HL7 standards through which all data is relayed.
  • Our technicians participate regularly in the inter-scorer reliability test conducted by AASM board and each score is undertaken by them with confidence, skill and accuracy.
  • We establish superior working relationship with your sleep systems vendor to ensure software compatibility for scoring and generating reports.


AASM board certified sleep physician is available for sleep study interpretations, sleep study interpretation over reads and physician training seminars. Your sleep studies can be scored either by Techindia (or) by your sleep lab and the interpretations done by our sleep specialist. Our sleep specialist can over read your interpretations during the start-up phase of your sleep lab to ensure proper care and follow up. Our guaranteed turn around time for sleep physician Interpretation alone is 48 Hrs.

If you are interested in learning how Techindia Diagnostics can help you improve efficiency at your office while increasing the quality of your reporting function to your patients, call our Toll free number +1-(888)-369-1395 or email for more information on our service offerings

TechIndia Key Differentiators:

  • Customizable solutions designed to fit the specific needs of small- to mid-sized businesses
  • TechIndia's Hub & Spokes delivery model offers innovative options to combine process, people, and technology in outsourced delivery models that create real business value.
  • Our accuracy rates, as measured by our clients through extensive audit programs, are unmatched in the industry. We do all of this while still meeting our customer specific turn-around-times (TATs).

Ask us about our extensive data security plan, which has been approved by global companies and gives all of Techindia's clients a complete sense of security about our security