Celebrating 20 years of Nurturing Customer Trust

A story that unfolded with deep insights uncovered from unswervingly heeding to our customers. As TechIndia enters its 20th year in business one can’t help but wonder how quickly the years have bygone. It seems like only yesterday when I, with the bolster up from few others, was an entrepreneur engaging on a few small contracts for a cardiac physician in NJ, USA. Fast forward to today and here we are a 700 staff supporting 40+ clients in more than 12 countries. As we bethink on our incredible wend of talent and accomplishments, we couldn’t be more illustrious to have ministered millions of remote patients’ life since our humble beginnings in 2004.
As we look back on our incredible journey of talent and accomplishments, we couldn’t be more proud to have ministered millions of remote patients’ life since our humble beginnings in 2004.

Customer-centred Approach

Our customers are at the heart of all that we do. Every service, solution and procedure is contrived ground up to serve the requisites of our customers. Our aspiration is to maximize the ease of accessibility for our customers alongside reliability in human expertise being the fundamental and distinguished trait. We operate by the ethos of ‘it takes one to know one’. That said, despite the peculiar compliance issues and challenges of the global market we consistently deliver prompt, committed and efficient services. Our pervasive experience in the field enables us to find prompt solutions to work ceaselessly even in the most testing times.

Our Core Values

The conformation of our core values is built on adept leadership fixated on decisions impacting both collective and solicitous issues to create a pleasurable work environment for every employee in the TechIndia work force. Strike as being facile, often companies get caught up in politics, ivory-tower attitudes and market mania instead of knuckling down on the factors that initially entailed the proposed endeavor. As I call to mind the downturns in the economy, these values together with the undying trust of our clients and employees have been integral to our endurance and eminence.

Our Core values: Integrity, Accountability, Honesty, Commitment and Discipline.

Sustained Compliance Management

We are compliance ready at any given point of time; not half early (or) annually. To state this, it takes precise automation and people in action besides continuous audits and monitoring on all physical and virtual internal controls. It is extremely important to maintain strict self-assessments and process integrity with all our global customers to offer highly sensitive and consistent service. It is inordinately important to maintain strict self-assessments and process integrity with all our global customers to offer highly perceptive and invariable service.

A Growing Team of the Largest Certified Technicians in Asia

With over 350 Certified Cardiac technicians functioning in a 24x7 HIPAA-compliant infrastructure, we pride ourselves in the fact that we are the company to employ the largest strength of fully certified technicians committed to maintain veracity, transcendence and confidentiality. We are staunchly bound to ensure felicitous training and hands-on learning. Our team's responsibilities encompasses responding to critical rhythms in accordance with doctor's protocol, setting report data delivery, personalizing call notifications, coordinating 24-hour patient home appointments and filtering criteria tailored to business rules.


Anniversaries are a time to eulogize where we come from, but they’re also to extol how we’ve changed. We take this 20th anniversary as an opportunity to have a think about the relevancy of our branding. TechIndia had been using the same logo since 2004, and it had grown primitive. Our new candid, innovative logo communicates forthright, dependable healthcare through the recurrent and affiliated cross, but it also emblazoned TechIndia as an outsourced service with the broken interlocking outlines. Using a range of newfangled colors helped us delineate TechIndia as a blend of young, energetic clinical technicians and business analysts with the experience and expertise that the world is in need of.

Gender Equality

Delivering through diversity; Empowering women in work place. We crafted a targeted portfolio of inclusion and diversity initiatives to transform the organisations growth. This was enacted by making the leadership accountable for meeting goals, on building the business cases and on coherence and prioritisation of the resulting action plan. We believe gender equality is important for workplaces not only because it is ‘fair’ and ‘the right thing to do,’ but because it is also repercussion to a country’s overall economic performance. At Techindia, people are able to access and enjoy the same accolades, resources and opportunities regardless of gender. This day, 70% of our work force is women.

Our culture

We vocalise our people are our greatest assets and indispensable to our success—and we unequivocally connote it. Therefore, we work diligently to recruit and hire individuals who are exceptionally talented, motivated, and focused on our customers success. Nevertheless we work arduous at keeping our employees happy and healthy, while enabling them to be more preeminent . Some of the key perks of working at Techindia include the following. Work Environment, Recognition, Camaraderie, Perpetual Learning and Growth, Health and Well-Being, Commitment towards Family


AI/ML - The manana of work. The technology that is causing this upheaval in the world around us, can be a great enabler in maximising the impact in healthcare real time decision making and actionable insights. Techindia forayed in building our own real world Augmented Intelligence platform using deep learning for life threatening arrhythmias detection like Afib & VT’s besides Sinus Rhythm classification performance. We will democratise this space for global care provider to access and use our HIPAA certified cloud platform.

Strategic investments & partnerships

Leveraging our expertise: In the past one decade, Techindia have made momentous seed & series-A investments in early stage med-tech startups in disruptive technology space with incredible scaling potential besides serving few boards for advisory. Portfolio space: Artificial super intelligence (ASI) disease prediction platform & Chronic care management, Hybrid tele-medicine actioning truly informed decisions, Robot based micro surgery, Lead less phase-maker, Big data & Block chain

Relationships are complicated

Irrespective of time, geographical barricades, requirements, fit, economics of doing business, we curb all hurdles and make our stake holders, staffs, vendors & customers stay happy in our partaking. Contact us : info@techindia.com

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