Techindia’s Teleradiology center is committed to accelerating productivity and provides flexible solutions for an ever-changing healthcare landscape. We do this by assisting Radiology Departments/ Labs, Specialty Practices, Diagnostic Centers, Hospitals, individual Radiologists and private Healthcare players to receive the highest quality off-site diagnostic reports.

We combine sophisticated advanced visualization and clinical imaging applications to deliver integrated end-to-end professional services that help transform the way your customers interact with your business.


Techindia's Teleradiology division is committed and focused on accelerating productivity and provide flexible teleradiology solutions for an ever-changing healthcare landscape by assisting the patients of the radiology department/Labs, specialty practices, diagnostic centers, Hospitals, individual radiologists and the private healthcare sector to receive the highest quality off-site diagnostic reports.

By combining sophisticated advanced visualization and clinical imaging applications, Techindia delivers integrated end-to-end professional teleradiology services that are transforming the way our customers interact with referring physicians, manage their workflow, position their businesses in their markets and deliver imaging and information services to their customers. We ensure our customers' success in today's competitive healthcare environment by streamlining business and clinical work-flow with digital image and information solutions and services.

These diagnostic reports are provided within a timeframe that ensures the department's patients are directed to receive the most appropriate medical treatment as soon as possible. If your needs include primary reads, overreads or peer review options, and your modalities of interest are MRI, CT, ultrasound, nuclear medicine/PET or mammography, Techindia provides exceptional diagnostic answers.


  • Techindia offers a Tele diagnostic service in MRI, CT, Nuclear, PET, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine Scans, Ultrasound radiological modalities and Computed Radiography / Digital Radiography.
  • Stat or routine transcribed reports
  • Physicians sub-specialty Trained -ortho, neuro, cardiac, body, breast MRI
  • Advanced interpretation in musculoskeletal radiology, including complex "tie-breaker" cases and small parts (feet, ankles, elbows, hands and fingers)
  • Advanced Interpretation in Neuroradiology, including MR angiography, SPECT, MRI
  • Complex imaging of the body, particularly cardiac MR, hepatobiliary MR, breast MR, and Positron Emission Tomography
  • Special competency in neuroradiology and nuclear medicine
  • Protocol development
  • 24x7 internal IT support


  • A PACS system is not required at your facility to utilize our services.
  • Our team will work with you to provide a complete turnkey operation. We will develop low cost interface solutions from your site to our center.
  • Using the DICOM 3 standard, your facility can be tied to ours with private telecommunications links, encryption technology and HIPAA compliance.
  • Teleradiology links are established through third party remote viewers.

If you are interested in learning how Techindia Diagnostics can help you improve efficiencies at your office while increasing the quality of your reporting function to your patients, call our Toll free number +1-(888)-369-1395 or email for more information on our service offerings.

TechIndia Key Differentiators:

  • Customizable solutions designed to fit the specific needs of small- to mid-sized businesses
  • TechIndia's Hub & Spokes delivery model offers innovative options to combine process, people, and technology in outsourced delivery models that create real business value.
  • Our accuracy rates, as measured by our clients through extensive audit programs, are unmatched in the industry. We do all of this while still meeting our customer specific turn-around-times (TATs).
  • Ask us about our extensive HIPAA plan, which has been approved by a US Fortune 100 company and gives all of Techindia's clients a complete sense of security about our security.