Established in 2002, Techindia delivers world-class, enterprise healthcare management solutions that bridges the Intersection of Healthcare & Information technology to work more efficiently and collaboratively to deliver better health.

Techindia provides exceptional remote healthcare diagnostics and patient monitoring solution with proven track of high performance for the highly regulated industries. Our solution help Physicians, IDTF’s and health systems from the private, public, Government and not-for-profit sectors to, simplify business processes and execute strategies for health management, accountable care, value-based initiatives and develop customer intimacy, while meeting regulatory compliance.

Techindia combines the best technical minds, deep healthcare knowledge and smart technology to create tangible, positive impact on cash-flows. Our scalable vertically aligned business model and process framework for the Healthcare monitoring, Diagnostic & Interpretation domain helps businesses achieve sustainable value through Greater profitability, User satisfaction, Operational excellence, Improved patient care and Business agility.

The firm’s social commitment is further evidenced by our charitable giving program, community outreach and volunteer services.



We at Techindia are growing our business by building a team of passionate professionals who come with strong “independent thinking” capability. We encourage innovative ideas and strive hard to provide an excellent work atmosphere that fosters innovation and collaborative work style.

Our people are creative and client-focused. They are among the best and brightest in the industry, bringing a broad range of relevant expertise to the table. The techindia team is an ideal mix of experienced professionals and knowledge specialists who love what they do, respect the people they work with and take pride in the success of their clients.

Techindia is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. We welcome you to join the Techindia team.

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