Sleep Study Reporting

Asia's leading accurate and reliable sleep study scoring and interpretation solutions company with a proven track record of high performance, best clinical minds, and strong domain expertise

Global Guidelines 

Superior quality, manual scoring by RPSG techs, per AASM standards

Accurate Reporting

Intuitive interpretation reports by MD board-certified sleep physicians

Deeper Diagnostics Reports

Reliable, accurate, customized, and clinically actionable reports of the highest standard

Key Differentiators

Continuing education and monthly gold standard AASM inter-scorer reliability test taken by techs

Round the Clock Service

Guaranteed un-paralleled TAT: 24/7/365 delivery model that meets HIPAA and HL7 guidelines

Trusted Global Reference

Referable IDTF, accredited physicians, hospitals, sleep labs, clinical research globally

Experienced Team

Largest tech team in Asia and in US. 5 million hours of Sleep scoring done and growing

Diverse Software Tools

Compumedics, Sandman Elite, Philips G3, Alice 5, Nihon Kohden, Rembrant, Remlogic, Somnologica, Cadwell, Stardust, Grass, Biologic, and more…

Since the inception from 2005, our sleep scoring division is grounded on one philosophy: delivering an elevated service experience. Over the years, we have played a significant role in the success of many private sleep labs, hospitals, universities, pharma companies, and R&D facilities. Our core value continues to remain the same; to help companies achieve success through revenue increase, enhanced productivity, cost management, and to bring measurable long-term business values.

Techindia’s Sleep Disorder Diagnostics Services offer an exhaustive range of accurate and reliable manual sleep study scoring and interpretation solutions to sleep labs in USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, UK, and Japan. Techindia’s central reporting center offers a complete range of accurate sleep study scoring services by registered technologists to support your sleep disorder diagnostic program.

What can we do for you?

We offer the following array of Sleep Study Scoring and Reporting solutions designed to optimise patient care, maximise patient compliance, and decrease the time required to diagnose an apnea.

  • Full and Split-night polysomnograms (PSGs)
  • Continuous and Bilevel positive airway pressure titrations (CPAP and bi-level)
  • Overnight monitoring of a patient
  • Paediatric Sleep study scoring
  • Maintenance of wakefulness tests (MWTs)
  • Multiple sleep latency tests (MSLTs)
  • Ambulatory and Home Sleep study
  • PSG with extended EEGs

Today’s immediate challenges are cost control, regulatory compliance and improving efficiencies – demand resources and attention beyond the scope of most healthcare organizations. Our model is both scalable and compliant to all relevant standards. Our view on service engagement is for both growth (expansion plans) and to enable cost efficiencies (reduce labor costs) and to increase your resource base (improve utilization bandwidth to acquire new customers/markets) as well as to provide a competitive advantage in the industry.

For you to achieve that, you need to partner with a service provider who knows and maintains adequate standards that complaints your business requirement metrics.

  • Insurance Cover:

    Techindia covers General liability and professional lability insurance besides Errors & omissions cover on your name and certificate of insurance are sent to you before the first billing cycle.

  • Manual Scoring:

    Our experienced and certified techs, performs only epoch-by-epoch manual scoring and reporting. Auto scoring is strictly not practiced in Techindia.

  • Registered Techs:

    All our techs spread across the globe are RPGST certified.

  • QA Department:

    We maintain a battery of dedicated experienced quality assurance team, working 24/7 to perform QA. The internal QA team is responsible for maintaining accuracy standards and continuing education.

  • HIPAA Certified facility:

    All our delivery centres and processes are HIPAA certified by a renowned North American audit firm. Apart from that we also maintain an internal audit team which conducts continues HIPAA practice through the year. (Note: Our HIPAA certificate will be shared while signing the contract)

  • Scale to Grow:

    We always maintain 30% backup staff beyond our process volume. Means we always have excess staff ready to be deployed for emergency volume spikes and growing demands.

  • Guaranteed TAT:

    We offer 12 Hrs, 24 Hrs and(or) 48 Hrs turn-around-time for all our client studies spread all across the globe.

  • No Minimum volume requirements:

    We do not have minimum volume requirement to be met by the sleep labs. We augment our teams based on your business growth.

  • Contracts & Fees:

    Our contracts are drafted as per law of your land, carrying your jurisdiction for arbitration. Our fees are fixed for two years are reviewed only every two years in mutual consent.

Adaptable scoring services

  • A comprehensive suite of diagnostic procedures intended to provide the best Sleep Study Reports possible.
  • In-house Quality Assurance Department and Education Academy for Sleep Diagnostics.
  • Emergency Reports provided within two hours to locations diametrically across the globe.
  • Extensive customisation designed to meet your specific practice protocols, procedures, and reporting formats.
  • Reports stored and delivered as Word or PDF files.
  • Reports delivered to you through Secure Data Exchange and/or directly stored into your EMR system.
  • Provision to view the reports online 24/7 through tablets and mobile devices.
  • Consistent reporting with an internal peer review process. est.

Standards and guidelines

  • We espouse the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) guidelines.
  • We follow Rechtschaffen & Kales (R&K) standards/criteria.
  • All studies are scored manually by registered PSG technicians with over 10 years of experience.
  • Perpetuate HIPAA compliance and HL7 standards through all data relayed.
  • Our technicians participate regularly in the inter-scorer reliability test conducted by the AASM board.
  • We collaborate with your sleep systems vendor to ensure software compatibility for scoring and generating reports.

AASM Board Certified Sleep Physicians

An AASM board-certified sleep physician is available for sleep study interpretations, sleep study interpretation over reads, and physician training seminars. Your sleep studies can be scored either by Techindia or by your sleep lab and the interpretations are done by our sleep specialist. Our sleep specialist can perform an intensive read of your interpretations during the start-up phase of your sleep lab to ensure proper care and follow up.

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