E-ICU Monitoring

Our e-ICU solutions address your business challenges through our integrated IT and cutting edge software solutions that address critical monitoring functions with near real-time actionable insights.

Superior Quality

Panel members of the e-ICU care team monitor the less acute wards and post discharge patients via a HIPAA certified centralised site.

Connected by Technology

Integrated IT, system partners and cutting edge software solution addresses your critical monitoring functions with near real-time actionable insights.

Instant Alerts

Early signs of clinical deterioration in the patient’s condition, our intensivist team instantly collaborates with the local care team.

Personalized Feedback

Individualized reports are proactively served to the patient dashboard based on specific care protocols and SOW.

For Hospitals

Lower Patient Monitoring Costs, Deploy on Existing IT Infrastructure, Improve Patient Safety & Outcomes, Transfer Patients to Lower Acuity, Lower Cost Settings

For Clinicians

Monitored Care Anywhere in the Hospital, Promote Patient Ambulation, Integrate Patient Data into Electronic Health Records (EHR), Reduce Unanticipated Transfers to Higher Acuity Areas

For Patients

Reassurance that Someone is Always Watching, Greater Freedom to Move Around, Restful Healing with Fewer Disruptions, A Better Experience

For Individuals

You got this. We got you. Advanced tools and personalized level support to help manage your health, on your terms.

The e-ICU monitoring services, furnished by Techindia, is an innovative, highly successful remote-care strategy to help hospitals care for critically ill inpatients enabling for more proactive plans of care. Our mission of the e-ICU program is to optimize clinical expertise and facilitate 24/7/365 care by ICU intensivists.

Today’s hospital environment faces a dearth of skilled clinicians, ascending costs from equipment and labor, and an exponential upsurge in patient demand. As a result, hospitals and clinicians are under accrual pressure to manage added patients with trivial resources while achieving superior outcomes. Abbreviating costs around equipment and labor, optimizing patient throughput and enriching patient outcomes are pivotal strategies as hospitals move to a value-based healthcare environment.

Techindia seeks to address these multi-faceted setbacks by using IoT sensors and virtual patient care services to lower healthcare costs and amplify patient implications through clinical workflow automation. Having a flexible sensor-based solution allows hospitals to meet patient throughput goals by triaging patients to lower acuity, lower-cost environments, and freeing up high acuity beds for those patients most in requisite.

e-ICU is a novel offering from TechIndia – a dedicated steadfast service that is both innovative and effective for today’s hospitals that are grappling with challenges of optimizing their ICU resources. Our offering crutches in remotely monitoring critically ill in-patients and assists doctors to proactively and effortlessly plan their care programs.

While nothing can supersede a physician’s presence next to a patient’s bedside, e-ICU monitoring abets patients feel safe knowing that their headway is being monitored around the clock. Techindia’s e-ICU monitoring services allow rural & semi-urban patients to be cared for at their local hospitals close to their loved ones, instead of being transferred to a larger hospital.

Client Challenges

  • Availability of sufficient trained intensivists and nursing staff
  • The requirement of round-the-clock scope monitoring
  • Concrete statistics and data to discern critical care factors such as medical errors, length of stay, etc
  • Leverage innovation and accessible learning to fend for superior care

Your expertise, our technology

Our aspiration is to assist you in designing, managing, and executing lasting beneficial change. Partner with TechIndia to identify and realize the following goals:

  • Accentuating ICU beds by 10-15% of aggregate healing facility beds
  • Consultation with ICU staff to determine the effective treatment plan, including administration of tPA if indicated
  • Reduce time between problem identification and intervention
  • Defining national and state standards for e-ICUs
  • Deploying world-class protocols and best practices in e-ICU
  • Simple and suitable out of clinic consideration to be given by Emergency Medical Systems (EMS)
  • Short length of stay in your emergency department

How e-ICU benefits you

  • Furtherance to bring more fitting outcomes, downsized costs, and curtailed lengths of stay
  • Aids clinics offering auxiliary level and tertiary level services in urban, semi-urban, and rural zones
  • Accurately monitor and augment care delivery to ICU patients from a remote location
  • Superior-quality medical assistance by trained/specialist critical care team monitoring patients round the clock
  • 24/7/365 near real-time access to our intensivists
  • Store-and-forward access to consults
  • Allows providers to augment their ICU resources within the hospitals seamlessly
  • Supports clinics grappling with non-of sufficient trained intensivists & nursing staff

TechIndia Key Differentiators

TechIndia upholds leading standards of quality guidelines. We constantly in pursuit of state-of-the-art technology and study it to extend instantaneous clinical care and expertise to any remote site.

  • We fend for tailor-made solutions to fit the expectations of every ICU
  • We pursue the irrefutable quality of business value that surpasses competitors and meets the business necessities of clients as well as the well-being of patients
  • Monthly performance assessments
  • Quarterly benchmarking
  • Annual phase reviews

Monitoring Centers – The backbone of our e-ICU services

Techindia’s offshore Monitoring Centers leverage clinical data amassed by our medical-grade sensors to ease the burden of patient data streams on the on-site clinical staff. We collect, process, and acknowledge patient physiological data allowing on-site clinical staff to work on other aspects of patient care.

Furthermore, our Monitoring Centres make it possible for continuous and extensive monitoring of patient data in any hospital environment, including patient homes. Clinicians are notified of critical events or fluctuations in a patient’s status through pre-defined protocols set by the attending physician and care team. monitoring centers have shown to enhance clinical workforce productivity, increase patient safety, and taper the cost of workforce labor.

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