A new age solution for chronic and acute patient monitoring supported by connected devices, artificial intelligence, and machine learning analytics to reduce re-admissions

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Management of chronic diseases requires regular supervision of vitals, our AI-driven Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools simplify planning and deploying remote care management. TechIndia provides intuitive, easy-to-use technology and a device-agnostic platform for the clinician, patient, and family caregiver. It enables patients to get involved in their own care management from the comfort of their homes while simultaneously freeing up clinicians to attend to higher-risk patients and intervene with their chronic disease patients when required. Incorporating this mutually beneficial system improves patient health outcomes, reduces readmissions and increases engagement between patients, clinicians, and patient families while leaving the clinicians feeling rewarded with the quality of care.

How it works ?

We combine people + technology to produce scalable, high-touch remote care programs that enrich the patient-provider experience and grow your practice

Techindia offers end-to-end operations of care team tasks 24/7 through platform tools.
The greater the operational efficiency, the health facility, and care providers can focus more on the patient or resident experience contributing to the organization’s true mission and core purpose, as opposed to possibly wasting time compensating for operational inefficiency.
Hospitals and assisted-living communities have plenty of real crises, and our remote care management services can be one factor for improving care and achieving better efficiency.

Customer care:

Patients need remote care and support along with the automation tools. Being connected with care managers for appropriate inputs and virtual support, based on provider protocols, satisfies patient needs that are beyond technology and devices.

Vital monitoring:

Our remote teams keep an eye on all daily vitals including psychological parameters updated on the platform from remote locations. Clients are supported throughout the transition period by our clinical team to adapt to these programs for the target population and to support practice goals.


Our trained Health Coaches employ M.I.B.N. (Motivational Interviewing & Brief Negotiation) techniques to engage and build personalized, accountable relationships with patients. Our Health Coaches operate within a client’s existing workflows to become a virtual extension of the care team. The team assigns eligible patients to relevant programs, establishes a baseline for their health, coordinates care plans, and tracks their progress. Distributed workflow data is then stored in the cloud to be accessed anytime, anywhere.


Efficient revenue cycle management for CCM, CCRPM, RPM, and TPM programs requires a strong understanding of the complexity of generating and collecting revenue. From CPT coding to the effective design of UCR (Usual, Customary and Reasonable) fee schedule, we understand the significance of these processes in optimising revenue and reducing denials.

We handle the following reimbursements more specifically to chronic care and remote management program.

As you strive to navigate through the challenges of ensuring effective reimbursements, optimizing upfront patient payments, and bringing overall efficiency in the revenue cycle process, consider leveraging Techindia.

How do our services support healthcare systems?

  • Reduce the burden on hospitals and clinics
  • Proactively manage patients at home, rather than in hospital settings. Reduce unnecessary appointments and gain insights into potential future demand
  • Manage heavy patient influx effortlessly
  • Utilize the workforce efficiently by enhancing capacity and also supporting clinicians to safely manage larger cohorts of patients compared with telephone-only follow-ups
  • Ability to triage patients
  • Assess the continuity and prioritise care based on early identification of patient deterioration while reducing unnecessary complications, A&E visits, and outpatient appointments
  • Incorporate efficient and evidence-based patient care management
  • Increase patient-provider accountability
  • Increase individual attention and positive interaction with processes that help caregivers increase inpatient confidence and resident safety
  • HIPAA certified platform and highly secure end-to-end communication
  • Simplify management to focus on new admissions
  • Reduce re-admission of patients

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