Cardiac Event / MCT Diagnostics

TechIndia’s offshore Event Data Scanning, Analysis and Reporting Service offers accurate diagnostics reports for recorded data

ECG, holter, Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) & cardiac event diagnostics

Clinically actionable ECG diagnostic reports of the highest quality

Asias largest qualified 350+ CCT/CRAT team of clinical techs.

Guaranteed, un-paralleled near real-time reports: 24/7/365 days

21 Million human hours of ECG reporting and growing

Referable IDTF, Physicians, Hospitals, clinical research globally

Comply to HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, ISMS & HL7 guidelines.

Interpretations by MD board certified physicians

Techindia’s centralized Cardiac Event/MCT Diagnostics, Analysis and Reporting Service is developed to help Clinics, GP’s, Hospitals and IDTF’s across the globe to diagnose continuous heart conditions characterised by abnormal heart rhythms. Our centralised cardiac event/MCT monitoring framework is designed to meet the specific needs of clients and their patients to meet near real-time actionable insights and call support. We analyse all recordings prescribed for 7-30 days and more.

Techindia’s offshore Event/MCT Scanning, Analysis and Reporting Service offers accurate beat-by-beat heart rhythm diagnostics report. All digital vector data is professionally scanned by experienced techs using on screen markings, annotations and calibration tools. The final interpretations are reviewed and signed off by CCI-CCT/CRAT Certified Cardiac Technicians.

Our events analysis service offers

  • Comprehensive suite of diagnostic procedures intended to provide the most complete ECG report possible
  • Emergency reports are provided within thirty minutes to locations across the globe
  • Extensive customization designed to meet your specific practice Protocols, Procedures, and Reporting formats
  • Reports are encrypted, stored and delivered as Word, PDF or in formats as per client specifications
  • Reports Delivered to you through various Secure Data Exchange and/or directly stored into your EMR system
  • Provision to view the reports online 24/7 through tablets and mobile devices
  • Consistent reporting with internal peer review process

Authorized caregivers can securely view patient data anytime, from anywhere in the world to determine treatment approaches. If you are interested in learning how Techindia Diagnostics can help you improve efficiencies at your organisation while increasing the quality of your reporting function to your patients. Get in touch with us at for more information on our service offerings.

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