Cardiac Implant Monitoring

Our 15 years of experienced clinically actionable remote implant monitoring has shown to increase safety, reduce hospital admissions and save lives.


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15 years of patient monitoring experience

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No downloads, printing or CDs, end-to-end digitised reports

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Our Remote Implantable Device Monitoring Service is customized to your needs with a dedicated facility for implant monitoring to help clinicians streamline care for patients with implantable cardiac devices (ICD), ILR, HF, and phase-makers. A solution delivered using a combination of highly experienced IBHRE certified clinicians and advanced technology to create a high-value health system to meet the needs of caregivers. At the end of the day, we want physicians to focus on patients while we deliver the necessary insights remotely at their desk.


Patients with implanted devices such as a pacemaker or an ICD can be monitored with increased efficiency remotely to ensure the stability of the patient’s vitals and any issues concerning the device. This care can be availed through remote monitoring services instead of in-person hospital visits. Remote monitoring allows for reducing these visits and scheduling them for times when it is necessary to have an in-person check-up. Recent instructions in the ACC/AHA/HRS guidelines advise a follow-up every 3-12 months and 2-6 months for patients with a pacemaker or an ICD respectively.

TechIndia is equipped with the right technology and certified experts to monitor your vitals as well as your device. Our unified platform and standardised reporting protocols simplify the process of linking with the manufacturers of the devices to deliver all-inclusive monitoring services. TechIndia’s IBHRE certified specialists continuously monitor data for crucial information, handle scheduled and unscheduled transmissions efficiently, and provide 24/7 support line to assist patients with their queries, thus providing exceptionally comprehensive supervision and care to all our clients.

How it Works ?

TechIndia’s trained customer support team will help you safely transfer the clinical data to the FDA approved platform and to MyBeat, our proprietary CRM patient data management system. The data transition process is effortless and offers a paperless solution without any queues or delays.

Advantages of remote Implant (CIED) monitoring ?

Although under-utilized by both healthcare providers and patients in the present healthcare framework, multiple trials and studies have revealed the efficiency of cardiac rhythm devices in managing patient health. Remote monitoring protects clients from mishaps and increases safety by equipping healthcare providers with data that helps in the early detection of numerous critical events such as arrhythmias, bleeding abnormalities and device failure. The technology has shown improved long-term survival and  studies also report the following benefits:

  • Timely and quick identification of heart failure risk
  • 24/7 access to health data reduces hospital visits
  • Increases physician interaction and better time management
  • Increased patient compliance due to ease of accessibility to data and care providers
  • 18% reduction in recurrent hospitalisations, regardless of the device type and make
  • Improved access to care facilities
  • Higher all-round efficiency for healthcare providers
  • Savings in hospital payments amounting to over $3,700 per patient annually

Implantable loop recorder (ILR) monitoring

Implantable loop recorders are one of the latest disruptive leadless heart-monitoring devices in the market. The tiny device records electrical impulses of the heart and transmits them automatically to doctors via internet and wireless technology. We triage every single transmissions on 24/7 based on clinic protocols and prepare actionable reports available for review on a near real-time basis.

Pacemaker monitoring

Customised reporting offered to remote pacemaker patients for implants manufactured by any brand. We focus our effort to increase overall transmission compliance, management, and summary of actionable items. Part of our service also includes patient scheduling, education, reminders, troubleshooting and billing support on a temporary or permanent basis.

ICD Monitoring

A major issue associated with ICD therapy is the occurrence of inappropriate shocks which impair a patient’s quality of life and may also be arrhythmogenic. Continuous remote monitoring of ICD events can provide valid support to intensify follow-up visits, in order to prevent defibrillator shock and enhance patient safety. Heart patients with ICD require the highest level of care and clinical coordination. With our dedicated IBHRE certified clinical management staff, we offer rapid patient onboarding, education, and billing support.

Heart failure(HF) monitoring

CMS programs aim at reducing the 30-day readmission rates of a heart failure patient, regardless of the monitoring methods practiced by the healthcare providers. Techindia’s remote monitoring solution sends timely alerts, and information retrieved from the implantable devices to aid the critical care necessary in such cases.

Our IBHRE certified clinical technicians monitor every transthoracic impedance, weight, blood pressure transmission, and other key metrics of the patient’s reporting transmissions regularly to secure patient safety for increased clinical benefits.

Today’s immediate challenges: cost control, regulatory compliance and improving efficiencies, demand resources and attention beyond the scope of most healthcare organizations. Our model is scalable and compliant to all relevant standards. Built solely for expansion plans and to enable cost efficiencies aimed at reducing labour costs. Increase your resource base by improving utilization bandwidth to acquire new customers and markets for a competitive advantage in the industry.

Partner with us to meet the standards to compliment your business requirement metrics.

Insurance Cover

Techindia covers insurance of General and Professional liability as well as Errors and Omissions. Certificate of insurance is sent to you before the first billing cycle.

Manual reporting

Our experienced IBHRE certified techs perform beat-by-beat manual interpretation and reporting.

Registered Techs

IBHRE certified techs spread across the globe.

QA Department

We maintain a battery of dedicated and experienced Quality Assurance team, working 24/7 to perform QA supported by an internal team to maintain accuracy standards and continuous education.

HIPAA Certified facility

Our delivery centers and processes are HIPAA certified by a renowned North American audit firm and backed by an internal audit team directed to conduct HIPAA practice throughout the year. (Note: HIPAA certificate is issued during the signing of the contract)

Scale to Grow

We always maintain 30% backup staff beyond our process volume ready to be deployed for emergency volume spikes and growing demands.

Guaranteed TAT

We offer a 30 min turn-around-time for all our client studies spread across the globe.

No Minimum volume requirements

We do not have minimum volume requirements to be met by the sleep labs. We augment our teams based on your business growth.

Contracts & Fees

Contracts are drafted as per the laws of the respective regions and jurisdiction for arbitration. Our fees is fixed for a two year period and reviewed biennially in mutual consent.

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