A Complete Guide to Know about MyBeat CRM Platform and its Features

A Complete Guide to Know about MyBeat CRM Platform and its Features

MyBeat CRM – One agile integrated CRM platform purpose-built for Cardiac patient data management that meets end-to-end capabilities.

How does it works ?

  • The ECG is transmitted from a Clinic, Hospital or a PCP to MyBeatCRM
  • This can be done automatically from devices with digital transmission capability
  • Devices that are not digital in nature can transmit using a BeatCRM transmitter, a device which can be connected to any ECG device communication port
  • The uploaded ECG data flows through an AI engine and gets annotated for ectopies, beat classification and rhythm findings
  • MyBeatCRM enables a quick turnaround of interpretation reports to the Clinics, Hospitals or PCP in less than 10 minutes

Key Functional Features

  • 24 X 7 Service delivery 
  • Options for simple EMR integration
  • Globally accredited clinical standards
  • Significant monetary savings
  • EHR integration with a bi-directional HL7 interface

MyBeat CRM is a single unified platform for managing Cardiac data from hospitals, clinics, ERs, remote devices, and old-age care facilities.

Benefits of MyBeat CRM

  • Drive Impact – Drive valuable cost savings, clinical efficiencies, and incremental revenue for hospitals
  • EHR Integration – Offers bi-directional communication and allows direct upload of patient reports and billing notifications
  • Eliminate the Paperwork – No need to scan, data flows to EHR Less paperwork means more time with the patient
  • Increase Efficiency – Optimize resources without reducing patient safety
  • Track PerformanceMyBeatCRM records, annotates and automatically analyzes every report

MyBeat CRM Components

  • Point of care APP
  • Cloud based MyBeat CRM
  • Physician review APP

Privacy and Rock Solid Security

  • MybeatTM CRM protects patients’ personal and health information.
  • MybeatTM CRM security is highly configurable and fine-grained. 
  • We provide you with a user, role, group, content, function, and data level security model that you can configure as you wish. 

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For more details, demo, or clarifications regarding MyBeat CRM kindly contact us: sales@techindia.com 

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