A Quick Guide to Know about Techindia’s Products and its Features

A Quick Guide to Know about Techindia's Products and its Features

Techindia’s heart monitoring products will help you increase productivity, reduce costs, optimize asset utilization, create and capture value and improve your business outcomes.

Our Products

  • Rhythm AI
  • MyBeat CRM 

Rhythm AI

Rhythm AI (US Patent Pending), is a powerful software to automatically interpret near real-time Beat-by-Beat ECG rhythm using AI & deep learning techniques with a high degree of accuracy. 

Data Pipeline

Signal regularization: The ECG data from discrepant scales pertinent to their respective hardware are standardized to mV signal

Befitting lead selection: Felicitous data channel is designated just in case channel information is proven to be enigmatic or inaccessible

ECG strip production and dynamic cropping: Transformation of raw data for One-Dimensional to Two-Dimensional raw data transformation for classification.

Benefits of Rhythm AI

  • Convolutional neural network feature learning 
  • Higher exactitude / higher precision 
  • HIPAA cloud infrastructure 
  • Hybrid prediction model
  • Substantial training dataset 

Accuracy score of 98% & Precision score of 95% 

MyBeat CRM

One agile integrated CRM platform purpose-built for Cardiac patient data management that meets end-to-end capabilities.

Benefits of MyBeat CRM

  • Eliminate the Paperwork
  • Increase Efficiency 
  • Track Performance 
  • Rapid Reporting

Key functional features

  • Service delivery 24/7/365
  • Easy EMR integration options
  • Globally accredited clinical standards
  • Significant financial savings

MyBeat CRM Components

  • Point of care APP
  • Cloud based MyBeat CRM
  • Physician review APP

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