Enhance your Patient Care by Techindia’s cloud-based Sleep Scoring and Reporting Service

Enhance your Patient Care by Techindia's cloud-based Sleep Scoring and Reporting Service

Today, more and more people across the world, despite their age groups and genders are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome and parasomnias. This has put an increased pressure on sleep hospitals and clinics. With the growing number of patients and lack of infrastructure and manpower, the hospital management and patient care is getting weaker by the day. This is where the need for innovation and technology comes in. And when talking about technology and innovation, there is no better name than Techindia. Our sleep study Interpretation service provides anytime, anywhere scoring with a higher precision and reliability than the onsite scoring itself.

Techindia, a leading healthcare technology provider, is known for a secure cloud-based polysomnography sleep scoring solution. This solution provides sleep centres, hospitals, and clinics with remote scoring ability to support their sleep care management and diagnostics. The speed and functionality of sleep scoring is more precise, and faster than using a VPN itself.

Techindia‘s Sleep Scoring and Reporting Services

Our Sleep Disorder Diagnostics Services Include a wide range of reliable and precise manual sleep scoring and reporting solutions to sleep centres in the USA, UK, Europe Australia, Canada, and Japan. Our central reporting centre provides sleep labs with a full range of sleep study solutions by registered and trained technologists to keep your sleep disorder diagnostic program up and running.

Below are some of our main Sleep Study Scoring and Interpretation solutions that are specially designed to maximize patient compliance, improve patient care, and decrease the diagnosis time for sleep disorders like apnea.

  • Bi-level and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure titrations (Bi-level and CPAP)
  • Full as well as Split-night PSGs (Polysomnograms)
  • Full night patient monitoring
  • Paediatric Sleep Scoring Study
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Tests (MSLTs)
  • Home and Ambulatory Sleep Study
  • Maintenance of Wakefulness Tests (MWTs)
  • Polysomnograms with extended EEGs

What Challenges Does Techindia‘s Sleep Study Scoring Outsourcing Services Resolve?

By having the ability to score sleep studies from anywhere, anytime, healthcare facilities and doctors can avoid rescoring of their studies. With the help of cloud-based services, they can score the study in clouds in a hassle-free way. Not just that, they can update and modify their reports, change events without messing with the accuracy of reports. Further, with this new ability to reduce the overall cost as well as time by almost two days, physicians can improve their workflow and provide better patient care and experience.

Below are the main challenges that can be resolved using Techindia‘s cloud-based Sleep Physician Interpretation Reporting Services :

1.Unavailability of Trained Nurse Staff and Intensivists

The biggest challenge faced by hospitals and sleep centres is the shortage of trained intensivists and nursing staff. With cloud-based sleep scoring and reporting service by Techindia, this challenge can be resolved quickly. Now, sleep centres and other healthcare facilities don’t need to rely on manpower. They can monitor the sleep cycle from anywhere and anytime and with great precision.

2.Round-the-clock Scope Monitoring And Cost That Comes With It

The requirement of round-the-clock scope monitoring comes with a great cost and also takes a lot of time. With the help of Techindia‘s sleep scoring solution, physicians can monitor their patients in real-time without bearing any additional cost.

3. Complicated & Error-prone Data Processing

With the right sleep scoring and reporting service, sleep labs don’t have to subject their critical patient data to medical errors. Instead, they can process the complicated data in an easy, fast and secure way. This reflects in the accuracy of Techindia‘s sleep scoring reports.

Key Features Of Our Sleep Scoring and Reporting Service

The most common challenges faced by sleep labs around the world, as we already discussed, include increased cost, poor efficiency and lack of compliance, etc. All of these challenges demand special attention, resources and innovation, which is beyond the capabilities of most healthcare organizations.

Techindia’s Sleep scoring services aren’t only scalable, but also compliant with all the national and international standards. Our model focuses on providing both growth (via expansion plans) and affordability (via minimized labor costs). Not just that, we also help you improve the quality of your patient care and stay ahead in the competition.

To help you achieve all these benefits, we offer the following features and benefits:

1.Insurance Cover

Techindia covers Professional as well as general liability. Apart from it, Errors and Omissions cover on your certificate of insurance and name are provided to you before the first payment cycle.

2.Registered Technicians

All of our technicians across the world are registered and RPSGT certified

3.Manual Scoring

Our well-trained and certified technicians perform epoch-by-epoch manual scoring and interpretation. At Techindia, auto-scoring is strictly prohibited.

4.QA Department

We have a dedicated team of certified and experienced quality assurance professionals who work round the clock 24 x 7. Our QA team is responsible for maintaining the precision and accuracy of the scoring reports.

5.Scale to Grow

We always keep 30% of our staff as backup. This means, we always have extra staff to suffice your growing demands and emergency volume hikes.

6.HIPAA Compliance

All of our scoring and reporting processes and delivery centres are HIPAA compliant by a well-known North American firm. Apart from it, we also have an internal team ready that conducts HIPAA practice throughout the year. We share our HIPAA certificate at the time of signing the contract.

7.Guaranteed Turn-Around-Time (TAT)

We offer a turnaround time of 12 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours for all of our clients across the world.
8.Flexible Contracts & Affordable Fees

Our contracts are framed as per the law of your country. Further, our fees are fixed for a period of two years. After two years, we review our fees and contract with mutual consent.

9. No Minimum Volume Needed

We don’t require any minimum volume for our solutions. We tailor our sleep scoring services as per your requirement.

Techindia‘s sleep study reporting services are trusted by thousands of hospitals, sleep labs and other healthcare centres from all across the world. We provide the best healthcare technology combined with innovation. For more information, contact us TODAY!

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