GDPR – Higher Standards, Better Security

GDPR – Higher Standards, Better Security

Techindia strongly supports and adheres to the EU’s unyielding approach to securing customer data in our highly vulnerable digital ecosystem.

Customers and clients share their personal information with organizations that engrain trustworthy custodians of data. To tackle the privacy and data protection concerns it is vital to have a robust data governance system established. We augmented our cybersecurity practices with the GDPR compliance geared towards intercepting the cyberattacks at different scales and sophistication.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law that was passed by the European Union to give individuals control over their personal data.

GDPR is considered the highest standard in customer data protection due to the stringent and uncompromising checks in granting certification. The law demands companies to be organized by clearly defining relevant protocols employed for data management. This characteristic is tested time and again through every audit conducted on all the parties involved in the process of data protection with the company seeking the certification.

The requirements for certification leave no room to slack on data protection measures. Every aspect of the process including the experts hired for the job, third party processing partners, data breach reporting protocols, and the company’s knowledge and readiness in handling current as well as future possible threats are examined, questioned, and scrutinized during the certification audits, making it the toughest most respected certifications to acquire in data security globally.

Healthcare spaces are no stranger to data hacks and cyber-attacks. Protecting patient data from these threats require robust security systems and processes in place to ensure unauthorized access to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of our services. Techindia maintains strict security protocols, employs highly experienced security personnel and keeps updating these process with the best global technologies, regulations, programs and controls in cybersecurity.

Techindia, therefore, left no stone unturned in securing the GDPR certification either. We were certified by a German audit firm, TUV India affiliated with TUV NORD Group, in 2019 after 18 months of rigorous adherence to standards, implementation of protocols and audit preparation.

We have since been improving our security standards with caution in applying the control mechanisms followed by detailed training to all the stakeholders. The certification involved Pre Assessment, Online Process Audit and Physical Verification until all the requirements were met and authorized by the firm.

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