How Techindia's Versatile and Round-The-Clock Tools Help Care Teams Deliver End-To-End Service

How Techindia's Versatile and Round-The-Clock Tools Help Care Teams Deliver End-To-End Service

In healthcare, physicians need to keep tabs on patients consistently, and the adoption of multiple solutions to coordinate care efforts can make this task that much harder to perform. That’s why many health care providers prefer end-to-end solutions, which they can rely on to cater to delivery from start to finish without the intervention of a third party. 

For care teams keen to deliver end-to-end service, they need assistance from some of the best tools and technologies on the planet, and here’s how Techindia comes in.

Round-the-clock E-ICU monitoring technology that tends to it all 

Most E-ICU monitoring solutions have to bridge with third-party tools due to an incompatibility with existing electronic health records (EHR). This can lead to an: 

  • Increased complexity of managing a hybrid solution 
  • More expensive integration of a new E-ICU unit
  • Poor coordination and delays that can occur between two conflicting systems

All in all, the need for the intervention of other tools and technologies can hamper care teams from end-to-end service delivery in intensive care units. The long-term effect is a reduction in the quality of care.

Things change with Techindia’s E-ICU, which offers seamless compatibility with your existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, alleviating the need for third-party pairings. 

Techindia’s E-ICU model ensures clinicians can keep tabs on patients via constant video, and audio surveillance which plays out in real-time. This is opposed to merely doing so from a central viewpoint, which opens up the intensivists’ workflow to more flexibility and better service delivery. 

At the end of the day, this gives patients greater reassurance, while hospitals can lower cost settings and enhance patient safety.

All-inclusive sleep study monitoring and reporting 

For many sleep laboratories, outsourcing is habitually an ideal way to go. That’s usually due to staff shortages, which can lead sleep labs to experience higher turnaround times, because of an inability to meet rising demand, which creates an ever-increasing line of backlogs.

Many sleep laboratories that prefer to do it in-house, may be well-versed with the sleep monitoring aspect, but not so much when it comes to sleep scoring services and reporting. To deliver end-to-end sleep study services, these facilities need a proven partner such as Techindia, who can tend to all the aspects of sleep studies right from monitoring and all the way to the end with scoring.

With Techindia, sleep labs of all sizes and abilities can now offer holistic sleep study services, encompassing: 

  • Overnight patient monitoring
  • Split and Full-night PSGs
  • Manual patient scoring to provide results

What’s more, Techindia offers home and ambulatory, as well as pediatric sleep study monitoring and scoring to ensure sleep labs can cover all of their bases in terms of performing any type of sleep tests. 

24/7 Cardiac implant monitoring that meets multi-level needs

Cardiac implant monitoring helps hospitals in a multitude of ways. Primarily, it does away with the shackles that tether periodic monitoring, enabling clinicians to keep track of their patients at all times, thus lowering the frequency of visits.

That said, most hospitals can’t always meet end-to-end cardiac implant monitoring, with some of the segregated tasks in the workflow often including: 

  • Patient data monitoring 
  • Compliance strategies and implementation
  • Report generation and more

In a nutshell, hospitals may find that they have to outsource multiple aspects of cardiac implant monitoring mostly because of the lack of a unified solution.

However, Techindia steps into to do it all, taking care of all these duties and more to ensure end-to-end cardiac implant monitoring. From taking over patient data monitoring and overseeing quality compliance to multi-device integration and real-time report generation features, Techindia ensures hospitals can turn to just one provider for all their needs. 

What’s more, Techindia’s cardiac implant monitoring services covers a range of ICDs or implantable cardiac devices, spanning phase-makers, HF, ILR, and more, which ensures clinicians can meet the varying needs of all their patients.

Multi-faceted remote care management 

Patient management as pertains to chronic illnesses can take its toll on caregivers and hospitals, who may find that they are unable to meet all the needs of their patients. 

The process can involve a lot of in-person visits from the clinician, considerable effort from the patient, and may also require the family caregiver to play their part too. Even then, traditional remote care management strategies may not quite be up to the mark. 

With Techindia’s revolutionary set of critical care management (CCM) tools, however, you can get a mutually beneficial system that is advantageous to everyone involved in the care process. Thanks to a set of AI-driven remote care tools, clinicians can provide quality care from anywhere, while realizing other major upsides as well like:

  • More time for clinicians to tend to high-risk cases
  • Better decision making 
  • Reduce readmissions, among others

As far as CCM and RPM go, Techindia delivers a turn-key solution that keeps every aspect in mind.

Frictionless digitization afforded by Techindia’s MyBeatTM CRM

A CRM is important in any industry, but its importance is further elevated in the healthcare industry where it may just spell the difference between life and death. 

The problem though is that most CRMs today come up short and don’t really deliver a fully-fledged solution that caters to all important aspects such as: 

  • Reports
  • Mailing and marketing 
  • Integration with legacy systems 

But in steps Techindia’s complete diagnostics solution, MyBeatTM CRM, which performs all the important roles of the ideal CRM and then some. It is designed to offer bi-directional communication, which ensures flawless EHR integration while enabling hospitals to streamline and fully digitize their data pipelines. 

Forged to tackle a range of ECG data and diagnostics report management needs, this tool enables the addition of multiple devices from major manufacturers. What’s more, it makes performance tracking smooth while its AI-enabled annotation ensures ECG assessments are as timely as they are accurate.

Techindia can do it all for you

No need to seek out multiple partners, or outsource a variety of your workflow functions to several vendors. Techindia offers an umbrella of end-to-end services and tools encompassing sleep study scoring, ECG Rhythm Monitoring Services, critical care management, cardiac implant monitoring, and much more. All of which offer round-the-clock service, enabling care teams around the world to deliver end-to-end care that leads to better patient experiences and improved quality of healthcare. 

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