Health is where the heart is. Ambulatory cardiac monitoring is now a part of regular healthcare for patients with cardiac trouble.

Cardiac monitoring refers to 24/7 monitoring and care offered to heart patients through use of mobile cardiac telemetry. Various health monitors are used to track a patient’s cardiac health. Ambulatory cardiac monitors measure your heart activity while you do your routine activities and transmit any arrhythmic data to an attended monitoring station. Trained staff analyzes the data received at the monitoring station and contact the physician and the patient as per pre-decided guidelines.

As the market gets flooded with new technology that can transmit real time data through sophisticated monitors backed by teams of experienced technicians to support physicians in providing 24-hour care to heart patients, here are some important points to keep in mind while selecting a cardiac monitoring service provider.

The Algorithm

The usefulness of a cardiac monitor depends on integrating an intelligent algorithm. All monitors work differently and it is important to choose one that classifies each beat and performs complete Rate, Rhythm, Morphology and P wave analysis in order to detect any abnormality or arrhythmia.

The team behind the analysis

When you choose a cardiac monitoring service, while it is indispensable to have an intelligent algorithm, one also needs experienced and trained nurses, paramedics, and certified cardiac technicians to analyze the data that is received by the monitoring station.

When you choose a service provider, do you know who is monitoring the data for your patients? Only select a service provider who has experienced electrocardiographers for data monitoring to ensure quality reporting of your patients’ data.

Choosing a provider with high reporting capabilities

The service provider you pick should also be able to provide detailed customized reports on the data collected for your patients. Thus, before you select your service provider, it would be prudent to find out about their reporting capabilities – how regularly would they send you reports, the format of the reports and whether you can be provided customized reports. It is also worth knowing what kind of reports would you receive – e-reports or physical, and who is creating these reports. Service providers employing electrocardiographers for report generation can add much more value to the service.

Are you looking for ambulatory cardiac monitoring services? With technological advancement happening every single day, it is definitely a good idea to get in touch with several service providers and dig up information online to find the best service for your patients. Keep in mind our handy tips and choose a renowned service provider that gives you 24 hour data monitoring and information reporting based on pre-set criteria – because data in time, can save lives.

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