Key Benefits About Cardiac-Rhythm-Interpretation-Services

Key Benefits About Cardiac-Rhythm-Interpretation-Services

Improve Patient Outcomes and Simplify Diagnosis & Management of cardiac monitoring by partnering with Terminal Contacts. Our services support physicians in their diagnosis and help patients conquer life-threatening cardiac disorders.


Long-Term Cardiac Continuous Monitoring 

  • Tracking a patient’s heart rhythms
  • Diagnosis and reporting of cardiac disorders
  • Deliver reports within a quick span of time with stupendous reports

24/48 Hours Holter Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting

  • A heart monitor that records your heart’s activity over 24 or 48 hours
  • It only records your heart’s activity when you feel symptoms and activate the monito

Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry (ACT) Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting:

  • Ambulatory monitoring has been used to determine the cause of palpitations and syncope
  • Devices can record cardiac rhythm continuously or intermittently
  • It can be worn externally or implanted subcutaneously

Clinical Research Services

  • Treatment that may be more effective than the standard approach
  • Closer monitoring their patients
  • Reduced cost
  • A chance to help others
  • Access to the latest therapies

Real Facts Delivered In Near Real-Time

Our experienced cardiac technicians meticulously analyze all the cardiac events data received at our diagnostics center and prepare a written diagnostics report customized to client needs.

Deeper Diagnostics

  • Comprehensive ECG holter, MCT and cardiac events diagnostics

World-class Standards

  • Clinically actionable, unmatched & advanced reports of the highest quality

Rapid Adoption

  • Growing over 21 million human hours of ECG reporting



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