Techindia Provides AI-Driven Remote Patient Monitoring Tools to Simplify Planning and Deploying Remote Care Management

Techindia Provides AI-Driven Remote Patient Monitoring Tools to Simplify Planning and Deploying Remote Care Management

For all the proven advantages of remote patient monitoring and the rising significance of telemedicine, it can be hard for a lot of hospitals and their respective healthcare staff to adopt the solutions that the former present. Besides orienting and training the team on how to optimally use the features, there’s also the need to conduct proper planning and implementation of your remote patient management with its features in mind.

Besides being all-around easy to use, Techindia presents a ready workaround to this with our AI-based remote patient monitoring. It is a step above the rest in that many of the steps involved in effective cardiac monitoring can be automated. As a whole, our solution is far more user-friendly since it’s a direct response to the prevailing challenge of low technology acceptance still apparent in plenty of healthcare settings around the world. 

Our RPM/CCM Monitoring Services Heighten Facility-Wide Efficiency

To address this hesitancy, our RPM services offer turnkey solutions since they are built with a comprehensive architecture already in place and ready to use. It synergizes care tools such as med-devices and dedicated patient and physician app with the healthcare staff including those that are involved in customer care, vitals monitoring, billing, and onboarding. 

Overall, this results in efficiency because of the removal of the need to assign staff to do these processes for you. This is all the more proven by the following points:

  • You don’t need to have a dedicated team to conduct the vitals monitoring for you. At Techindia, we assign our own team responsible for doing this for you, regardless of where they are. 
  • We also provide client support and orient them with our solutions. With patient-centric and round-the-clock customer care, patients would be able to have their relevant queries answered with minimal delays. 
  • We also have a team of health coaches that takes care of all the onboarding procedures. They’re responsible for assigning patients to the right programs, besides coordinating care plans and progress tracking. This data will be stored in the cloud anytime and anywhere. 
  • We also take care of your revenue cycle management needs to set healthcare systems up for optimal financial growth. 

Taken together, these services can work in synergy with ECG interpretation services and cardiac interpretation and reporting services so that better quality of care can be done even while performing most of these processes remotely.

Satisfied clients have enjoyed outlined remarkable benefits such as easier handling of patient influxes, better patient care at home, and an overall big reduction on burdens that their facilities have to bear when they decide to apply our solutions. 

How Techindia’s Rhythm AI Streamlines Remote Care Management

Remote care management’s major advantage of better patient engagement is directly brought about by and stems from proper, seamless, and accurate data collection. Regardless of the innate advantages of being able to render care remotely, optimal data collection should still be guaranteed since it would defeat the purpose of conducting it in the first place. 

Of course, as in most traditional ways of patient monitoring, this would involve manually collecting and syncing the data so that a proper diagnosis would be done. Plenty of remote patient monitoring tools may have a ready solution to this, but it’s often met with hesitation on the part of healthcare providers because of the technicalities involved.

Techindia takes care of this by performing all the data collection by itself. It is programmed to only regard verified, FDA-approved platforms as the only valid data sources. It anticipates the fact that data processing usually involves derivation from disparate sources and therefore has developed its own data pipeline to ensure seamless collection of veritable data. 

In turn, that significantly reduces the effort needed to verify the data, thereby allowing healthcare providers to focus on interpreting it. It would also be relatively easy to correct any errors or inaccuracies (this is rarely the case) since the data would be made readily and easily viewable in a convenient visualization dashboard where it will be represented in graphs and charts. 

This is but one way that we ensure that there are as few barriers to entry with our solutions. To prove this, we’ve outlined the other solutions we offer that can ease up remote care management implementation. 

Techindia’s Solutions Go All the Way in Helping Hospitals Conduct Better Remote Care Management

Of course, how you render remote patient management and monitoring is just as important as properly integrating it in your healthcare facility. 

This is why we’ve honed our services better with the help of enterprise-level AI. Certain arrhythmias could be diagnosed as false negatives and false positives in standard ECG tests. Many experts have acknowledged that these errors are difficult to avoid with the traditional way of monitoring that usually involves human intervention. Plenty of possible comorbidities influence the accuracy, after all.

With the help of AI, these can be greatly mitigated as proven by our solution, Rhythm AI, which has been shown to maintain an accuracy score of 98%. How is it able to achieve this? Knowing its features should give you a good idea of why.

  • It harnesses the potential of machine learning to the fullest. It is programmed to accurately detect up to 21 types of cardiac arrhythmias from the ECGs being conducted. How accurately? We have designed a sophisticated deep neural network that conducts more advanced discriminative visualization, to the point that it can simulate human-eye interpretation. 
  • We ensure that minimal to zero interferences when processing signals by removing noise and integrating baseline correction features. Rhythm AI is also integrated with a limb lead detection algorithm that minimizes the risk of false positives.


We are confident that our AI-based remote patient monitoring tools will be a tremendous boon for hospitals and other healthcare facilities worldwide. This is because we designed it mainly based on the prevailing challenges inherent in remote care management. 

After all, there’s literally no other alibi that can be deemed as valid if the tools you’re using would perform most of the needed processes for you. With the help of our services, you’ll be sure to enjoy the proven advantages of remote patient care without the usual hurdles and with as optimal a setup as possible. The results, as have been proven by our satisfied clients, will speak for themselves. 

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