Techindia Provides Automatic Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation Analysis During Chest Compression

Techindia Provides Automatic Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation Analysis During Chest Compression

Discomforts and tightness in the chest can be the result of heart problems, which are often accompanied by searing pain and discomforts around other parts of the body. They are an indication of possible heart arrhythmias among other irregularities, but an accurate diagnosis can’t be made until the patient undergoes an ECG test. But therein lies the problem. ECG testing has its fair share of challenges, including delayed results and other complications that compromise the integrity of the interpretation. It is, for this reason, you’ll want to rely on automated cardiac interpretation and reporting services such as those that we offer here at Techindia. To hit the nail on the head, let’s straight away get into what our services are all about.

Techindia makes near real-time ECG analysis possible

Our Cardiac rhythm interpretation services are not just automated. They are also availed to caregivers or facilities in near real-time, to ensure immediate corrective action and improve heart care quality. 

Powered by cloud technology and a reliable data pipeline that’s always on, day and night, Techindia’s cardiac monitoring and interpretation ensure the timely analysis of ECGs. The auto-triggered, auto-send technology allows doctors to: 

  • Effect cardiac device changes quickly according to a patient’s changing condition
  • Catch early signs of clinical deterioration before push comes to shove
  • Implement treatment adherence for the patient’s benefit

With particularly excellent accuracy in detecting out-of-range QRS complexes and near-flawless sensitivity for identifying beat anomalies at large quickly, Techindia’s services ensure near real-time ECG diagnostics with higher diagnostics yield. 

Our automation of interpretation is powered by artificial intelligence

AI has unlocked many opportunities when it comes to the traditional electrocardiogram as we know it, giving physicians what can only be described as super-human interpretation powers. Imbued with the power to learn and evolve on their own, deep learning networks are enabling pattern recognition that helps safeguard the accuracy of such tests. 

And because they aren’t hard-coded to any rules, these convolutional neural networks can learn from huge datasets and even pick out correlations that many experienced human physicians may miss. This property becomes especially useful when dealing with asymptomatic individuals, enabling the: 

  • Identification of hard-to-detect arrythmias 
  • Prediction of cardiac diseases even in patients with barely noticeable symptoms
  • Prediction of non-cardiac disease as well

With American CCTA/CRAT techs having manually annotated more than 1,000,000 data sets that the algorithms trained on, our AI-powered automatic cardiac rhythm interpretation services possess decades of knowledge and expertise.

The automation is complemented by professionals as a fail-safe

The margin for error is small with our hybrid cardiac rhythm and interpretation technology, but, there’s an additional layer of assurance offered by MD board certificated physicians. 

Across all levels of the ECG reporting, monitoring, and interpretation process, all the bases are covered by a variety of qualified personnel, some of whom include: 

  • Bio-statisticians 
  • Data managers
  • Consultants 
  • MD cardiologists 
  • Project managers
  • CCI-CCT technicians

So in addition to the technology, an experienced workforce completes the technology, ensuring everything falls into place as it should. Right from remotely monitoring and collecting the data, up until to the final reports, physicians help with results interpretation and can provide proof of significant events with extracted ECG strips

Techindia covers interpretation on multiple levels- pets too

 Techindia’s cardiac rhythm interpretation covers a multitude of diagnostics needs, regardless of your facility’s ECG monitoring techniques or existing frameworks. More specifically, we cover: 

  • Holter diagnostics: We perform monitoring & reporting including wearable heart rhythm recording devices such as holters, among others
  • MCT and cardiac event diagnostics: As a trusted provider of mobile cardiac telemetry (both onsite and offsite), our MCT and event diagnostics skills are powered by deeper diagnostics that leave no stone unturned. 
  • Ambulatory ECG diagnostics: With 21,000,000 hours, and counting, of ECG interpretation under our belt, we also provide intermittent cardiac arrhythmias monitoring and all-around ambulatory ECG diagnostics. 

We do it all under one roof and our automated ECG interpretation services are not just for humans. They are for furry members of the family as well, among many other types of pets. Veterinary ECG reporting is another one of our special skills facets, and we offer such services for dogs, cats, and other common household pets. 

Due to our technology and expertise, we can identify and categorize arrythmias and other heart defect problems in animals accurately and in due time. This enables more personalized and effective treatment plans or painless end-of-life solutions in case of terminal illnesses.

Our automated services save hospital time and money

For many hospitals today, it’s the case that they don’t have an onsite cardiologist. That may be due to the cardiologist shortages we’re currently facing in 2022, and also because smaller facilities don’t have the financial power to enlist a permanent or resident cardiologist. 

In alternative scenarios, a hospital cardiology department can be understaffed, which leads to delayed cardiac rhythm interpretation services, with patients having to wait in line. With every second that goes out the window, the quality of heart disease care diminishes rapidly. 

The situation improves drastically when you rely on partners like Techindia, as you receive: 

  • Near Real-time event reporting 
  • Near-instant cardiac event analysis and diagnostics at large
  • Experienced integrations from on-call, and certified physicians

The result is you can roll back manhours paid for specialists, in addition to freeing up a resource-constrained cardiology department which makes more room to focus on improving your quality of care.

Get world-class cardiac rhythm diagnostics today

When the top clinical research companies, hospitals, and IDTFs require Automatic Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation services to analyze chest compressions, they always find that Techindia is a pioneering company that’s miles ahead of the pack. We guarantee near real-time, accurate arrhythmia monitoring & reporting, every day, all day, throughout the year, because we know every moment counts when it comes to cardiac care. Our services are making a difference and saving lives not just in India but in many other places around the world where our telehealth solutions are helping to plug existing gaps in health care. If you require automated cardiac rhythm interpretation services, get in touch with us now. 

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