Techindia’s Centralized Arrhythmia Monitoring Service Offers Near Real-time Precision and Accurate Reporting

Techindia’s Centralized Arrhythmia Monitoring Service Offers Near Real-time Precision and Accurate Reporting

In today’s fast-paced world, the need of the hour is to recognize the advancement in technologies and adopt the same in different industries and sectors to practice automation and increase the overall process efficiency effectively. Almost every industry today has somehow introduced one or the other unique technologies into their systems to change the way that operations were conducted in the past.

Given this adoption of new tech trends, the healthcare, and medical industry also incorporated a variety of different technologies to ease the patient care services procedures to make it more seamless for both the hospitals/ doctors and the patients. TechIndia is one such company that recognized the gap in the current healthcare industry, in regards to the unavailability of a remote heart monitoring service to cater to patients without multiple hospital visits.

Need In The Market

If we look into the figures, in the United States alone, on average a person dies of a cardiovascular disease every 36 seconds and someone gets a stroke almost every 40 seconds. There are multiple factors that contribute to this increase in the overall average number of heart patients in countries like the USA, and India is not far behind. Some of these factors include the usual blood pressure issues, high glucose, lack of physical activity, high weight, etc.

Given these numbers, it is almost evident that without an effective cardiac monitoring service in place, it can get difficult to manage the big number of patients for the cardiovascular department at any hospital. The cardiac interpretation and reporting services by TechIndia allow ease to both, the patients and the doctors, to keep a check on the heart rhythm and rate to recognize the diagnosis of arrhythmia.

Why Is It Popular?

TechIndia’s centralized arrhythmia monitoring service is developed to aid better and more accurate diagnosis of different heart conditions that are in fact the results of heart rhythms that are abnormal in nature. Out of the different cardiac rhythm interpretation services available, this one stands out at present as it offers near real-time precision in reporting, with promised increased accuracy and detail. There are multiple reasons why this particular ECG rhythm monitoring service is popular and some of them are as follows.

Instant Reporting

One of the most crucial concerns for any patient, doctor, and the hospital is the delay in reporting delivery of a patient to the doctor. This is important as it allows the doctor to make a more accurate diagnosis and suggest the right resolution for the issue at hand. With the help of the cardiac monitoring service by TechIndia, you can be assured of on-time report delivery, with emergency report delivery within a maximum of 30 minutes to every location possible around the globe.

EMR System Availability

Now, even though the timely reports are assured by these monitoring services, it is also important that all the reports of all the patients are secure and stored for future queries if any. This is one of the other advantages of implementing the services by TechIndia as the detailed reports are not only delivered to you through secure exchanges of data but are also stored on your system through EMR to allow data collation at one place seamlessly.

All Day Report Access Increased Efficiency

Not all the medical patient reports are accessible on different electronic devices which restricts the doctors and hospitals to only be able to view the reports on computer systems. However, the reports sent out by these ECG monitoring services by TechIndia can be easily accessed and viewed by the doctors, reducing the pressure off them effectively. Additionally, these reports can be viewed at any given time of the day as they are available 24/7.
Patient Involvement

Most of the time the cardiovascular patients are kept in the dark regarding their true diagnosis and the possible solutions to resolve the same. However, the remote monitoring service by TechIndia directly involves the patient in the entire process as well by giving the patient access to all the reports. Moreover, they also get the freedom to talk to the doctors virtually without having to visit the doctor’s clinic or hospital again and again. This increased convenience helps patients take active participation in their health and well-being.

Increased Efficiency

Another major advantage of adopting the services by TechIndia is that you get to decide the design or format of the service as they can be extensively customized as per your needs and requirements. This allows you to plan and implement procedures, reporting formats, and protocols as per your specific practices to make your entire operational system more efficient as a whole. You only need to explain and convey your ideas to get the exact plan on paper to reality.

There Is More

Other than the centralized arrhythmia monitoring service, TechIndia has a pool of different services that cater to different needs of the medical industry. Along with services, it also offers two unique products that help streamline the organization’s processes to bridge the potential gap between the patients and the doctors/hospitals. This will allow you to enjoy better reporting abilities and increased patient satisfaction simultaneously.

Overall, to conclude, the different ECG interpretation services offered by TechIndia involve a clinical Tech team of the highest qualification and comply with all-important guidelines like GDPR, ISMS, HIPAA, ISO, and HL7. At present, the company reports approximately 21 million hours of human ECG reporting which is expected to grow further in the coming months. The auto send, auto-triggered and instant arrhythmia monitoring service, that is wireless, meets the unique needs and requirements of customers as well as patients to facilitate better outpatient evaluation when required.

With the help of the different cardiac monitoring services offered by TechIndia, you will be able to benefit from a more systematic approach to handling all patients, and not just the cardiovascular department. You can be assured of an evident drop in the number of hospital visits and requirements for physical interactions with doctors post the implementation of the services by TechIndia.

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