What Should You Know About ECG Management System Software?

What Should You Know About ECG Management System Software?

ECG management software solutions are gaining traction today, helping facilities of all sizes to augment human effort with the convenience and accuracy of technology. Here at Techindia, our MyBeat CRM service incorporates the latest in artificial intelligence and cloud-powered solutions, enabling workflows of all kinds to digitalize their workflows and serve their patients better while building engagement. But there’s much to it than that, with our CRM packing a host of features that ensure a modern workflow that thrives for half the effort. Today, we take you through what our software can do and what else you should know about ECG management tools at large.

Our software delivers robust security protocols

Healthcare data breaches are on the rise today with a 2021 CI study finding that such intrusions rose by 84% in the three years since the study. This has put the privacy, lives, and livelihoods of millions of patients and physicians across the United States in jeopardy. 

Among the most common causes included: 

  • Outright theft of medical records
  • Loss due to human error
  • Unregulated disclosure or access of medical files
  • Hacking or IT-related events 
  • Inappropriate disposal of data 

MyBeat CRM, our state-of-the-art ECG data management tool, can tackle most of these triggers to ensure a more robust approach to patient confidentiality and privacy.  

You can customise user functions, roles, and access, regulating who can use the system and setting restrictions on what each user can and cannot do depending on their level of authority. Our highly-customizable security model allows you to finetune your protocols as you wish, enabling the seamless adoption of any security protocols that you rely on and trust from Active Directory.

It can help physicians better classify arrhythmias 

Half a million abrupt cardiac fatalities are recorded annually across North America, with further data suggesting that people over 40 have a 25% increased probability of developing an arrhythmia. 

The deaths from heart-related complications continue to skyrocket, partly because physicians may reach a misdiagnosis due to mismatching of patient records, and this inevitably leads to an imprecise approach to treatment. 

False negative ECGs can also occur due to a variety of factors beyond the control of physicians such as: 

  • Faulty testing equipment
  • Certain medications
  • Valvular heart disease and more

An ECG report management software such as our very own, MyBeat CRM service, can give physicians a helping hand to avoid the above conditions and thus ensure physicians reach an accurate diagnosis about their patient’s arrhythmias or lack thereof. 

Our software can detect and validate over 21 arrhythmia categorizations, thanks to well-trained deep neural networks that have trained on over 1,000,000 expertly and manually annotated datasets. This AI-driven automation ensures that physicians can not only better classify arrhythmias but also provide fast turnaround times for patient treatment solutions. 

The software can capture data from both non-digital and digital devices

MyBeat CRM makes data management easy and dependable, covering a range of devices including: 

  • Pacemakers 
  • ICDs 

For devices that can inherently transmit data digitally, the transmission occurs automatically from the point of capture into our platform. Non-digital devices are also covered thanks to a special interface that can be attached to ECG devices to enable the flow of data. 

Once that happens, our AI-driven engine processes and annotates the ECG data. The subsequent report is sent into our cloud-based server with high availability, from where physicians can access the report wherever and whenever they please. 

Moreover, a team of board-certified physicians provides an extra layer of authentication, helping to review and interpret report findings for facilities in only 10 minutes. Facilities can then access the report via the physician portal or APP to view personalised summaries unique to every patient.

It can seamlessly integrate with EMRs and EHRs

Traditional legacy EHRs can be more of a hindrance than an asset in many ways. For example, legacy systems can contain a hectic documentation workflow that’s significantly paper-based and takes up too much time thus diverting focus from care. But that’s not all. Other challenges with such systems include: 

  • Poor integration: These systems can hinder interaction between billing, CMS reporting software, and other solutions you rely on, which further compromises care quality.  
  • Lack of mobile access: In today’s world, consumers desire control over their data and they look to physicians to ensure that happens. Legacy EHRs however stand in the way as many of them lack mobile accessible physician and patient portals.  

Do you have an EMR or EHR system that you already rely on for data management? MyBeat CRM offers flawless 3rd party EMR integration options that ensure excellent continuity with no downtime while overcoming the traditional challenges above. This is made possible due to convenient billing notifications and patient report upload features, as well as a two-way data exchange capability. 

It ensures resource optimization and HIPPA compliance 

Conventional EMRs can require a fortune to maintain, bringing up several concerns with regards to hidden and upfront costs. These often mean more hands on deck in terms of IT resources, with facilities having to dig deeper into their pockets to hire more professionals to take on increased duties such as web server management. 

It’s an entirely different story with MyBeat CRM. This ECG data management solution in fact works to optimize IT resources, taking some of the workflow burdens out of your hands, thanks in part to its end-to-end features. The result is: 

  • More revenue for facilities 
  • Better clinical efficiencies 
  • Value-driven cost savings

And the best part is that all of that is achieved while the patient care experience and satisfaction levels go up. 

Beyond that, our technology provides secure HIPAA data storage, guaranteeing your IT department doesn’t have to spend extra time or resources to see to it that guidelines are met. 

Transform care with MyBeat CRM

Is a paper-based workflow killing your patient-physician relationship? Are your processes clogged by inefficiencies that inflate efforts and expenses? Create instant value with the MyBeat CRM service, our AI-driven and human-complemented platform that makes cardiac record management a breeze. We enable 24/7/365 service delivery and provide great scalability that allows your facility to grow while maintaining a minor admin footprint.  Improve your quality of cardiac care today with MyBeat CRM. Call us now to discuss your facility’s unique challenges and preferences.


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